Took a quick trip out to Prescott for these two to meet. Barbelo and Jeana, Lagotto Romagnolo (Italian Water Dogs.)

Barbelo’s a patch, white and brown, his coat is short here. Great temperament, he and Jeana hit it off.

 Jeana does the chase-me, chase-me zoomies…  could be puppies in their future!

My dogs exploring our host’s backyard. They’d just moved in when we arrived.  There’s a lot more Lagotto Romagnolo hanging out in the house and few cats too.


Going for a hike in Prescott. Olympia hunting for whatever she can find!

The girls cooling off.

Windy up here as I take a photo overlooking the dam.   I don’t know if dogs like heights but mine are very patient with me.

Lovely Spring hiking including displays of vintage gold and copper mining equipment.

River access and in-town trails make Prescott a great place to walk.

I’ve been to Prescott and surrounding areas of AZ and NM quite a bit in the last few years. (I haven’t always posted about these trips.) The area continues to grow. Wish to see less of the cookie-cutter stuff and more sense of place like this mural.

This trip was a working trip, still the dogs and I did some sightseeing including visits to Sharlot Hall for history and the Phippen for more American Art.

A gambling basket on display at Sharlot Hall Museum

In the Transportation Building at Sharlot Hall Museum. Notice the dog.

An overview of Prescott, Sharlot Hall Museum


Cowboys, Cowgirls, Native Americans and the Great Southwest.
Loved the Phippen! Here’s a few photos from the museum. I took a lot more. 

George Phippen, first President of the Cowboy Artists of America, died in 1966, leaving behind a group of artists interested in creating a facility that specifically represented artists in the American West. In 1974, the George Phippen Memorial Foundation was formed to create a centralized venue that would fully support Western Art.

Mule Train, George Phippen

Devil’s Herd, George Phippen

Walking your saddle, Hoss? Steven Lang

JD Challenger, From the Warrior’s Heart

James Swinnerton, Near Sedona

Maher Naguib Morcos, Jack-Knife the Leader

George Phippen, Danger in Red

Solon H. Borglum, Evening

Solon H. Borglum, The Indian – A Study

Jim Norton, A Shared Fire

R. S. Riddick, Midnight Arbuckle

Arthur C. Begay, Lead You To the Squaw Dance

Edward Aldrich, Under Dark Skies

Kim Wiggam, Full Moon

Leo Beaulaurier, Squatter’s Rights

Dave Drost, Sonoran Moon Glow

Jack Van Ryder, When the Desert Meets the Moon


Gail Jones Sundell, She Dances for the Moon

The Road to Jerome

Interesting weather in Prescott. Had to shorten my visit to Jerome as the thunderclouds surrounded the smoke from a brush fire. Before I was down the mountain it’d started to storm. I could see the clouds streaming down with heavy rain while it remained only drizzly as I drove back to Prescott. The next day I was walking with the dogs in sunshine, visited downtown then drove to one of my favorite lakes in the area to be pelted with hail. The dogs and I ran back to the van with wind so strong it rocked the van and caused it to slide in the gravel, yet by the time I’d returned to the home I was visiting the sun was peaking back.

One of the nice things about my little B Camper is how easy it parks and how simple it is to take on tours. Did great pulling up the 7% switchbacks, parking in the tiny town of Jerome, camping in front yards, fitting nicely into parking areas at the lakes and trail heads, perfect for shopping, downtown, viewing wildlife . . . almost anywhere I want to go except for towns implementing no RV Parking and some oversize parking restrictions.  Although my van is legal for any normal or full size parking spot I can run into trouble with these regulations.

The Official Prescott Song — Will Strickland & Norm Fisk


Met many residents relocated from California and from the Mid West.
The CA folks missed the ocean, I would too.