I wrote this yesterday, but could not post as there was no Wi-Fi,   Tonight  it’s iffy…   will see..

Okay, no pictures tonight, not enough  bandwidth to load them…  but here’s the text…  photos to come. Oh, there’s one….more later.

As I sit at the bottom of the boat ramp at River Reflections RV Resort & Campground in Oroville CA,  tired dogs snuggled close, a rapid streak  fills the flickering of  first one eye then the next, replacing the uncomfortable tailings of ocular migraines and visual snow. It is a goodness only surpassed by the cacophony of dinner calls, territorial puckering, perhaps mating rituals; it is after all early spring. The whistles , hoots and calls of 5 or 7 or 10 species eradicates tinnitus. The noise of the birds is like a waterfall in sound. And again, another flash of bird power that feels so good to my eyes, shattering the stasis of torn nerves. I don’t know how they can fly so fast then seem to slow as l watch. I want to memorize them,  They are beauty and doctoring entwined. It is magic.  Today has been a feast, all this natural music. Earlier there were carpets of tiny flowers , purple butterflies, more fantastic bird songs and strange roads my GPS sends to test my mettle. I plugged in my desired location and was instructed in rather bad English. The road unexpectedly turned to gravel, oh heck, I thought, someone had told me the road was paved, this must be temporary  but it went on. I swore, knuckles clamped on the wheel it was time to turn around, give it up, I could not pass this way, yet I’d experienced before how I never see others making the journey I’m making only to arrive and find there is a crowd…  how did they get there! The road was too narrow to turn around. Who would find me and the dogs I wondered, I passed homes until they disappeared. This time just before I reached  my destination–Table Mountain Ecological Area–a ranch appeared, cars appeared and a cross-road… paved of course, with a double yellow line.  Oh! And all these folks were picnicking and walking dogs. Everyone happy, with the thunderclouds and dotted sun. Folks asked me about Olympia and joked about investigating the cow piles. I was glad I found it. Wildflowers jumping up and down.

Table Mountain Ecological Area

Table Mountain Ecological Area

Still earlier, I had driven into Chico from Paradise; Paradise I have decided is a delight to those living in Chico because of its stunning Pines. The town is filled with trees, Dogwoods, Maples I think, Willows maybe, I’m guessing since I don’t know, some of which were in bloom, white, others blazing pink amid the evergreens, a delight in contrast to the heat of Chico. Yet I was not taken with the town, it seems better suited for seclusion. I loved the off-road walkways walking with the dogs, didn’t see any residents on them. The Safeway was packed with men, maybe going fishing?  As one guy told me, this isn’t San Francisco you can’t expect to find those fancy foods here, my tastes for the natural organic stuff…. life here is more basic. Maybe it was just the day, I’ve never seen so many guys grocery shopping, l felt dwarfed standing in line with them.

Stopped at Bidwell Park in Chico, loved it! 3,670-acres! The dogs ran free, Olympia blasted into the pond, Mason in wonder…he seemed stunned, fascinated by such a place; didn’t love the speed bumps on the road in… those are tough in the LT. I took the road to the end. Dogs were permitted off leash on the hiking trails!!! That’s love. We played amid Pipevine Swallowtails, geese, herons, ducks, salamanders, and flurries of assorted  and noisy song birds with their accompanist insects.  I liked Chico,well, I loved the Park and therefore the town! The Natural Food store was yummy; tons of students. Then the challenging drive…my Garmin secretly laughs at me; those 4 by 4 trucks can’t get anything over on the LT. I could do it. Twisty, steep, gravely, no shoulders, bring it on. The reward was wildflowers and at my campsite more birds!!!!

Early this morning it rained, I felt relaxed, I almost never feel that way. I woke at 6:30 with the wind, then the rain came. I lazed in the Park for a few hours, took the dogs for a walk in-between showers but then I left. I might have stayed another day it the Park had Wi-Fi. Instead I went in search of a wildlife viewing area which I couldn’t find. Every turn I made was the wrong turn. I was frustrated so decided to head to Clear Lake State Park…  I stopped here and there, for a walk, near a river, or a downtown or a path.  Someone slide up next to my LT, maybe another camper, maybe a truck….  they left a long wound on my motorhome, sliced fibreglass badly all along the rear wheel and compartment and more. I was upset, then Olympia started in with her I want to play tennis ball sulkiness…. why did today turn out to be irritating and troublesome when yesterday was a delight?  The rain turned gray and muddy. I passed on the State Park, I passed on the nearby RV Park and am at the Casino…ho-humm, a parking lot, but it’s quiet. Patience  I need patience and please, please bring back those magical birds and butterflies and singing insects….