I’m now getting behind as tonight I’m at one of my favorite spots in the Port of Sisuslaw in Florence Oregon and will meet up with a Lagotto family to have some Lagotto fun!  This is the first time I’ve landed a spot right on the river…  so nice and cool!


Here’s my first post from several days back:

Yep, managed to get the LT back on the road, finally!

No, Jackson that's not your seat.

No, Jackson that’s not how we sit! …  there would be trouble with this later when he tired very very hard to squeeze himself up on the dashboard!

I left town very early morning on Fri of Memorial Day Weekend, kinda a crazy time to hit the road, but I figured not knowing how the LT would handle I might not mind going slow. It was actually a lovely drive, at least until Gilroy. I decided to take 101 rather than shooting over the Grapevine and getting blogged on I-5. After Gilroy the roads were a mess studded with accidents and gridlock. I actually burst out laughing seeing one of the hwy overhead signs that said SLOW TRAFFIC AHEAD…  Really!  The traffic had been moving at a whopping 5 to 17 mph for at least the prior 2 hours before that gracious message!


The LT did fine, not as smooth as I would have liked but nicely tolerable; the steering seemed to set in a bit as the miles past, no problem with the wind or drifting out of lane. A long way from perfect but I’m starting to believe that more miles as stated, may improve the ride.

Yeh, you kiddo . . whatya doing up there?

Yeah, you kiddo . . whatya doing up there?

Going for a rest-stop walk at a little lake.

Going for a rest-stop walk at a little lake.

I’ve had a great time visiting with Lee and her husband Craig…  my bed here at their Placerville home is so comfy and I swear I’ve eaten better and more tasty food this last weekend than I have all year. It’s a pleasure I take to heart to be welcomed and looked after by such an amazing friend! Olympia who has been visiting here in Placerville for several months has settled in with a lively  routine of snuggling with her hosts, playing ball, doing her rounds on the property, going hiking and off on excursions even getting along with Zak.  Lee and I took all 3 of my Lagotti to the Hangtown Cluster Dog Show at the Placerville Fairgrounds.  Lee proved patient and steady with the disorganized and somewhat chaotic eye clinic but perfectly irate with what she explained to me is all too typical absurd manners of the local community. Not only confusing and time consuming it was hot and both I and my dogs were overly excited and flustered.  All went well however, Dr. Lana Linton did the exam. I enjoyed talking to her esp hearing what a delight it was for an older dog to have cataract surgery . . . coming in stumbling and prancing out all sharp eyed and eager.  Wish all dogs in need could have this surgery, but it’s very expensive; in any case my 3 will not pass on any heritable eye disease, happy to say they are all healthy and normal.

We watched the American Eskimos go round the ring  (in honor of Lee’s dogs of course) only a few of them and some with odd haircuts, there was a real beauty in the group, and then the small party of Lagotti Romagnoli (mine were not entered so we just watched, chatted and cheered.)  Did not like to see one of the entries with a poodle kinda look and possibly oversize. Let’s keep the Lagotto Romagnolo true to its rustic sporting heritage, all curly and ready to work! Hummn…. judges may need more education.

At the dog show At the Hangtown Cluster At the Hangtown Cluster1 At the Hangtown Cluster2

There’s a heat wave in India and one right here in Northern California and Oregon there’s an early summer heat wave, one that will break records. Getting far too hot….  I’ll post much more soon about the climate, it’s so important.

Mosquitoes have ravaged the outdoors..  as the edge comes off the heat and I can finally go outdoors to play with the dogs, the mosquitoes attack. In 5 min I average 9 or 10 bites, most of them on my ball throwing arm.  Cut lemon slices on the bites, stings badly but is a great improvement to prolonged swelling, sleepless tossing turning and itchy inflammation: follow this up with Aloe Vera and it really helps.  Apparently I’m allergic, no I’m not trying to be the first to get a mosquito borne disease just want to go out and play with the pups in my friend’s beautiful yard. It’s sweltering in my guest room, too hot for me, so it’s time, I’ll be heading north hugging the coast and just see what happens.

Mason relaxing on the porch.

Mason relaxing on the porch.

Lee's beautiful property.

Lee’s beautiful property.

My kids