Have been struggling way too long to put these into a sideshow….am giving up on that and just posting them….  will divide them into several posts… This is the first but will come out as the last LOL …..  okay it’s almost midnight,  have still been struggling and struggling and struggling…  again I have to say wordpress really makes it difficult to work with photos….. and I was already exhausted but will try tomorrow (perhaps) to post the rest or perhaps find a different site and link it to WP for the photos….  really wanted the slideshow but can’t seem to get it to work. Can you tell I’m frustrated!!!!!

Arrived at 10 am on Thursday and was able to land a spot... only 3 were left!

All plugged in

Friendly neighbors helped with the water problem!

I arrived here early, 10 a.m. to get a camping spot. Sea Ranch Resort, Cannon Beach.They had cute little bunnies all over, horse stable, tents, cabins, stores, RV parking all crammed into a small spot….  and more tents just below from another facility. Crowded but I had a nice spot. Space #3.

The beach was wide with the wind blowing off the fog… clean, refreshing and lovely. . .

After I shot these the sun came out


The above and the following were shot from Ecola State Beach… another narrow forest road…once you get there you wonder how everyone else got there, especially the really big guys!