Here’s the very general idea of my route:  Details as we make them, enjoying the freedom of RV travel. Will see how much we stick.. . . Will we go to Nome, head on a less traveled byway, jump on a train, a plane or another boat? Time, money and weather, how long I can stand being away from my pups and maybe good ‘old luck will tell our final passage.

Santa Barbara to Alaska 2015

1.  Head to Placerville and Lee’s house
2.  Pick up Bob at the Sacramento Airport
3.  Head North and possibly detour to Florence, OR
4.  Visit Vancouver and a few friends along that way
5.  Get on the Alaska Inside Passage Ferry at Prince Rupert
6.  Get off the Ferry at the crazy hour of 3:45 am at Haines
7.  Take the Fast Ferry to Skagway
8.  Back to Haines and head North
9.  Up to Tok, then West to Valdez, Seward, Homer, ec. along the Kenai Peninsula
10  Back up to Anchorage and head to Talkeetna
11. Denali NP, Denali State Park
12. Hot Springs….  hot springs wherever we find them 🙂
13. Fairbanks
14. Back to Tok
15. Climb through the mountains to Banff NP & Jasper NP…  yes will get out and push!
16. Glacier NP
17. Through Idaho toward Salt Lake City
18. Back to Lee’s in Placerville
19  Back to Santa Barbara

YEP…  you gotta ignore those numbers on the map….  they don’t correlate!  Maybe later I’ll fix it. LOL

Song: Bring back the life – Climate Change song by Desert Rose