Busy Reststop in the Washington Cascades. Look at all those big Class A’s! So roomy compared to my little camper.

It was so hot…  in the mid 90s!  I put up all my sunblocker curtains and was running the air-conditioner as low as it would go. You need to do that and leave it running as the window type air conditioner will otherwise at best only lower the temp by 10 degrees.  If you work at it can do better, maybe 12 to 15 degrees. The volunteers at the Park told me it was fine to take the dogs for a swim which I did! The water was perfect, the walk was perfect. Was a great stay here.  This was the quiet peaceful part of the park, down below closer to the water were groups and families. The volunteers warned me about a snake that liked to hang out on the other side of the fire pit where my dogs were playing catch but none of us ever saw it. We (I, the human) checked carefully esp in the morning. Saw plenty of bunnies!

After our swim. They were making faces as they still wanted to PLAY and chase chase chase the tennis balls.

Approaching Spokane

Driving through Spokane. A rather confusing and spread out city with differing sections.  A newer fun looking downtown and older run down sections, very evident of homelessness and a sense of loss yet also has organic foods (I took the opportunity to restock my frig.) Trendy in parts with parks, bike paths, bridges and big box stores, a nearby State Park along the river which I’m sure must have been jammed.  Lots of traffic.  Would this city, or near this city be livable? I’ve driven through before but have never stayed long enough to explore it. Is there a City Plan or does it sprout ideas in increments?

I love my friend’s garages! Winter snow and summer grass takes lots of labor to maintain.

A sweet night at Jane and Pat’s home in Loon Lake Washington. I felt very welcomed and very much enjoyed my visit. The dogs did too, our apologies to the resident cats.  Mason was quite afraid of the fiery little black one!

I fit right in! 🙂 I listened in awe to amazing tales of adventure and perseverance that my friends told about their travels ( major challenges) in their big RV! Wow! They have a trailer too.

Jane and Pat treated me to breakfast at their regular Saturday hangout. Hmmm… maybe I will remember the little town and name of the popular Cowboy restaurant where they know your order and my host and hostess have been known to get up and help serve coffee and food. Maybe it was Pauline’s Place in Deer Park? Lots of gravy and biscuits, chicken fried steak. . . “comfort food.”

Very touched by the hospitality being shown to me and my dogs. Jane is a new quilter, loved her work, wish I had a picture to show. Maybe she will enter a piece for the quilt show in Santa Barbara since she is from here? Very impressed with Pat’s hand designed and created greenhouse he’s crafting. He showed me the machine that will form and shape the plastic sheets into arch pieces that will create the greenhouse and of course he built the machine as well! So incredible! Lots of snow in Loon Lake and lots of summer sun and lots of trees!