If in my wildest fancy I might have believed that installing brand new tires (now 2 different sets) and new shocks to my very recalcitrant LT would have caused such motoring misery  I could have just left her shoeless. I surmise that it is tires and not the shocks, just like shoes that do not fit right, which are causing my vehicle to  spirit about so funny and odd. I get in my car and weep at how easily it follows the road but my recalcitrant one suffers. The air helper springs are repaired, and as of yesterday the steering gear box has been replaced and I think, the alignment was corrected (again) and the steering wheel trued, at least I think it has been done. I took the LT down to Tru-Line in Van Nuys twice; very long days with intense traffic there and back.  This morning I’m canceling another $125 appointment to have the alignment (and recently noticed intermittent brake pull) checked (again) at a local shop.  I’ve decided to just start driving Ms Recalcitrant around town and seeing if I can used to whatever it is my motorhome thinks is straight ahead driving  …  can I leave town with her or not? Still undetermined.

I am not feeling at all renewed. I do have inflamed mosquito bites….  I am quite allergic to them which are very itchy although my ankle is returning to normal; those came from my backyard but it doesn’t feel like I’m camping.  The First Lagotto Romagnolo National Specialty appears to have been a great success and a ton of fun with close to 50 Lagotti in attendance!  Bravo! So wish I could have been there.  Perhaps next year.  Perhaps later, perhaps another time.

Well, its early morning…. perhaps, maybe, possibly I might be able to go somewhere in the RV sometime soon …  inconclusive and unknown.


OK, one more thing to try…  swapping the 2 front tires…   will try that. Tru-Line suggested it in case there’s any tire pull. Of course if I was in Van Nuys they’d take care of it for me, they are a very nice shop; but it’s too hard to return.