My spot at the at the Lake was not available for the next day so it was time to move on. For the first time since dropping off Olympia I became truly interested in food. I was tired with long days of fighting the wind. Wanted to head South but there were severe storm warnings in that direction so northeast it was. I headed to Sprouts to pick up dinner makings and having shared some wine with the Martin’s decided to add a bottle for my dinner. For reason known only to Texans the clerk warped his hand around the neck of the bottle and removed my bottle of wine from my reach. His sweet tone never faltered as he explained that it’s against Texan law to purchase alcohol on Sunday’s before 12 noon. All of a sudden I felt like I had really gone someplace else, maybe this was a hidden county or some throw back into the past? I asked why but he didn’t know.

After that almost at random I decided to leave Texas and head to Hot Springs Arkansas. A long time ago I’d read that Hot Springs was a favored inexpensive and enjoyable retirement town even with some Californians. That’s about all I knew about Hot Springs and that there was a National Park designation.

Mason is finally starting to feel better!

And Jackson too.

It took longer than I thought to get there.

Time to eat! I’ve covered both the sink and the stove top with cutting boards. The sink cover / cutting board attaches with glued on stiff pieces of foam to the underside so that it says securely when the van is in motion, Frans devised that and I love it. The piece over the stove is velcroed. This makes my little kitchen rock…. lots of space!  That’s grapefruit jelly in the back and vindaloo sauce, no additive natural turkey slices and two types of cheese.

Simple delicious dinner.

Thunderclap’s gone wild that night! Booming and flashing with Mason happily barking at the monsters, the Lagotti peacefully sleeping when finally I remembered to close the overhead vent!  The storm was long, hot and strong, fortunately no tornado or hail, I’d yet to learn what that could do. I covered the soaked rug which dried quickly and went in search of the National Park.  I was very surprised to find that the National Park was the town. I kept driving around looking for the entrance with my Senior Park Pass at the ready! There are lovely drives into the Ouachita Mountains which I enjoyed,  scenic walks with the dogs and historical bathhouses with the renown Hot Springs water yet it wasn’t what I was looking for that day. I did not stop to take a bath but probably should have. Many faces I encountered had scowls and if I tried the Texas cheer on them I was met with grumbles. No one commented on the dogs except to give me strange looks. Even the Information lady looked askance when I asked her if there any dog friendly activities. It was that kinda day or that kinda town. Things looked expensive and kinda California like, more a place for taking in the tourists attractions, restaurants and spas, the kinda place to (maybe) take a human companion. I love hot springs but it wasn’t the time, I wasn’t in the mood, so instead of spending a few days relaxing, I did what my little RV allows me to so easily do, I moved on.

Bathhouse Row