Arrived in Idaho. I partook of a cup of free coffee and 2 chocolate chip cookies. The bathroom was being cleaned for an extraordinarily long time. Trail behind the reststop in case you wanted to walk for a few hours or so, we did about 20-30 minutes.

Lovely walking in Idaho.

Gorgeous Montana

River Edge Resort Montana on the Clark Fork River, 30 miles west of Missoula. Everyplace was crowded but I landed a perfect spot overlooking the river. Dry camp (no electric, tent site about $20.)  Was planning on breakfast in the morning in the restaurant but as it turned out I left before they opened.

A view of the river, taking a walk from my camping spot.

This was a funny sign, they meant it literally as the path led right into deep water. Decided not to risk it with the dogs, water seemed to be moving fast.

Montana is beautiful, filled with whitewater, the Rocky Mountains, long open drives, big skies, endless stars, stunning lakes, bright flowers, cool air, waterfalls, rainbows, the Continental divide, snow-capped mountains and vast prairies (the last I did not see.) I like Montana, I like wide open county. From a woman who hates gridlock, billboards, cheap developments, urban decay, distressed horizons, endless blacktop, all those signs that say no; Montana in the lush Springtime says yes.