From my friend Bob at the Jackson Lodge, actually the Jackson Lake Lodge; quite beautiful but not in Jackson which was a surprise (it’s in the Grand Teton National Park) I learned the difference between the City of Jackson and Jackson Hole. Somehow I thought they were the same, but not really, actually I was confused but cities and regions can have different names, so I thought it was how it was done. I understood that Jackson Hole is like Montecito is to Santa Barbara, which in itself can be confusing since Santa Barbara is both a city and a county, to save a long discussion suffice to say Montecito and Jackson Hole are wealthier more exclusive areas of an already exclusive region. However when I looked up the difference on the Internet it seems that this explanation may not suffice.

I read the following:

Jackson Hole refers to a 48-mile long valley surrounded by jagged mountain peaks and includes the towns of Jackson, Kelly, Moose, Moran, Wilson, and Teton Village. Known to early settlers as Jackson’s Hole, the area has been renowned since its discovery in the early 1800’s for its incredible natural beauty and abundance of wildlife.

Nevertheless I’m going to go with calling Jackson Hole the world famous ski area with high end hotels and restaurants or maybe that’s the Teton Village? Okay, well at least I know what the City of Jackson entails, lots and lots yippie-yi-yo-ki-yay shops, antler arches, cowboy bars, fancy ladies attire and western art sporting a Santa Barbara style eco-consciousness including premium natural foods (among them my new favorite even though they are far away, Smith Foods and The Jackson Whole Grocer) range foods and old west delights along with Santa Barbara prices.

The boundaries of the Parks are equally bewildering…. I’ll save that for another discussion except to say that Bob took me to Dornan’s which is outside the Park gate but apparently not outside the Park, not really…. We went to a hootenanny… the last one of the season! I really enjoyed it, in a quiet way; there was no stomping of feet or yelling but good food and great music. And it was free! I met Bob’s friend, cowboy poet and musician Tom Angle He is the real thing, as Bob says, a real cowboy that is.

The dogs contemplate riding up the ski lift at Jackson Hole

The Mangy Moose at Jackson Hole.Great decor and great view but crummy service and not so good food…

The view from the patio at the Moose

Her face says it all! At the Mangy Moose