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Taking a nap at Port of Siuslaw Campground and Marina.

Taking a nap at Port of Siuslaw Campground and Marina.

The Port of Siuslaw is where I head to for camp. I love watching water and the hustle of a port, feeding and swarming birds, the lapping of water, clanging of ship lines and rigging, otters, seals, people moving about focused on the boats; I didn’t know that my mother is also drawn to harbors.

First time landed a space on the water’s edge. LOVED IT.

The little LT on the river's edge.

The little LT on the river’s edge. My dogs and I were so very welcomed by the staff and complimented as being excellent guests. Mason’s an RV expert, good to know the pups are starting to get the groove.

The Port, I believe is on the estuary or within estuary restoration, it’s about 4.7 miles from the ocean. Over 30 lakes are within the district. I studied estuaries, brackish water at Sacramento State as an environmental biology student and forever fell in love with these muddy nursery, refuge, feeding grounds giving life for us all. Historically estuaries suffered blatant destruction; it is good to see restoration and renewed appreciation.

3 little peas

It was windy! My 3 little peas under the table.

Waking up in Port Siuslaw1

The mist of early morning, the birds are calling.



Old Town had stretched since my last visit with music, food and shops, it’s only around the corner from the harbor and our regular walk. But on this day, Florence history was made….  3 and soon to be 4 Lagotto Romagnolo for the first time ever in Florence Oregon!

Meeting Carrie and Steve and Capote the Lgotto in downtown Florence.

Meeting Carrie and Steve and Capote the Lagotto in downtown Florence. Jeana, Jackson, Capote, Carrie and Mason. The shot before the one where they were all lined up!  LOL

Carrie and Steve and their friends Joe and John and others as well so warmly welcomed me and my 3 dogs, we became friends. Later we met up with Ricki and her Lagotto Kelly by chance traveling up to Port Townsend and back arriving in Florence at just that time…  and then we had 4 Lagotti!

I was invited to Joe’s house for dinner. His place is stunning, directly on Dune Lake neighboring National Forest land. It is so picturesque, private and natural it’s hard to describe; a fantasy of forest, lake and home. He remade the interior with all knotty pine, a striking woodsy retreat, this is where my Jeana and Jackson found their water dog roots. Jackson “forget” he was timid of the water with all the water dogs chasing and swimming in the lake: the “dry” dogs running in the woods exploring, some 6 of them all so happy!


Joe made us dinner. Caught salmon for me…  the list of fish in Joe’s freezer is impressive, the others had lamb.Included roasted squash and forged mushrooms (which I don’t really eat very much) Chantelles, no I think it was another. Relaxing meal in a great environment. Joe also has crabs and clams, oysters and more… all the bounty of the area with stunning display of the lake, sun and rain.

At the Lake

Another photo (see prior posts for others) of the Lagotti swimming in the lake.

I also took my crew to North Jetty Beach (same as above other photos previously posted.)

Another shot from Jetty Beach (others posted previously)

Another shot from Jetty Beach. The boys, Jackson and Mason .


Invited to dinner again, this time at Carrie and Steve’s lakefront rental home…

Beautiful lakefront home: Thank you Carrie and Steve

Fun lakefront home: Thank you Carrie and Steve

Carrie and Steve

… they are deciding on the perfect location and on the banks of a lake seems to be an amazing and perfect fit.  They have a dock and just bought kayaks when they are not out foraging, hiking, beach-combing or doing the town but are home entertaining and hanging out.  All these friendly people kept showing up including John Michael Getz and Jonathon who are producing a film about truffle searching, several women, Joe and his friend and others.  John’s lab along with John are expert and long versed in truffles, educational and a ton of fun! They set up a few scenes to film the dogs hunting for truffles and we did a little training session with my two newbies.

The two truffle hunters! Carrie and John's dogs. Cut off a little sorry... yeah Mason's hanging in back.

The two truffle hunters! Carrie and John’s dogs. Cut off a little sorry… yeah Mason’s hanging in back.

The fellows all made a collective dinner, the dogs played: life here is social and inclusive. Food is foraged and crafted for anyone’s dietary needs. Eating, sharing, hiking, activities, sharing skill sets, they are all a group; they love Florence and their lives in this town.

Joe is preparing food again :) There were morels and truffles and nettles and a flour-less vegan chocolate cake.

Joe is preparing food again 🙂 There were morels and truffles and nettles and a flour-less vegan chocolate cake.

I spent a night parked in Carrie and Steve’s driveway to be treated by made from scratch sweet buns with a spicy kick. They were perfect!We ate those after Ricki and her sister had stopped by with her Lagotto on their way home to San Fransisco and Arizona (respectively.)


Some of the guys

Dinner 2a

4 Lagotti


In attempting to catch up here’s where I was at one of my favorite spots in Florence, Oregon the first night I landed a camping space on the water. Yes, loved it! The next I was on the grassy field in back and my final night in Florence in Carrie and Steve’s driveway.


Florence, OR, history in the making, 3 Lagotto Romagnolo grace downtown with their approvals.

Florence, OR, history in the making, 3 Lagotto Romagnolo grace downtown with their approvals…  Jeana and Jackson meet Capote.

Waking up in Port Siuslaw, Florence OR

Waking up in Port Siuslaw, Florence OR. The tide is out! The birds are singing wild.

Waking up in Port Siuslaw

Waking up in Port Siuslaw

Play Time at South Jetty Beach, Florence, Oregon

Play Time at South Jetty Beach, Florence, Oregon

Jetty Beach7

Mason and Jeana

Jetty Beach3

Playing with some kids, Jackson and Jeana

Jetty Beach, Oregon

South Jetty Beach in Florence Oregon

Mason and Jeana on the beach

On the way to Trindad Beach back in California. Stayed again at the Emerald Forest.

On the way to Trindad Beach back in California. Stayed again at the Emerald Forest.

Lots more to catch up!

My New Mantra.

My New Mantra.

Much to my amazement the LT is on its 3rd set of new tires in less than 3 months. Yes, really!

My favs were the Michelin M/S2’s. . . loved the ride, the smoother feel, nice gripping with the new shocks, felt great. But alas a (now) suspect shop in Goleta explained how the lovely M/S2’s were causing the miserable road wander.  The owner insisted the M/S2’s could not carry the load…  that isn’t an adequate analysis: yet at the time, not having delved into the knowledge of all things tire, I believed this sincere highly touted mechanic so I switched to Michelin XPS Ribs as per recommendation from Henderson’s Line Up. The Ribs are built to last with a hard riding fit for a plumbing truck. Great tire if you have nerves of steel and no sensitive parts.  The ride turned into a Disneyland bump, crash and burn sorta thing with a nasty vibration all the way through your spine. I did not want to drive at all to the point that I preferred to let the RV sit and gather road dust.  Sleepless days and nights later and a far more complete understanding of tires, brakes and suspensions, I have BF Goodrich Commercial AT2 All Seasons and so far other than driving home I’ve not tested the ride.

The drive home from Tire Pros, felt better than with the Ribs but still very jarring;  however the tires were overinflated for the weight of my RV, hoping it will settle and that all will be good at last.



I did not have a choice about the BF Goodrich Commercial TA2 All Seasons. This is the tire that Michelin recommends and the only tire that Tire Pros would allow as a switch.


Ergo, here’s a somewhat abbreviated recap of my story with Tire Pros.
I was fooled by Tire Pros from the beginning:  When I learned that the XPS Ribs should ‘solve’ the RV wandering and eager to be on the road, I sought a local Michelin dealer and happened on Tire Pros.  I called and to my delight, yes they had the Ribs in stock in the right size and they were on sale!  Get there early they said and they’d put them right on. I arrived at 8am to find, that no they didn’t have the tires on hand, and no there was no sale.

YES, I should have run like hell! But what they heck, they said they could order them and have them in later that day so I said ok.  They were installed and what’d ya know they did not solve the handling problem although it was improved. It was after this that the adventure of the steering stabilizer began, and then the brake forte into unknown territory.  The more things got solved the more I hated the Ribs. I longed for the sweet MP’2’s but animosity was roaring over at Tire Pros, I actually felt afraid of going into that shop. At first they had seemed so nice, esp the manager but with repeated visits and nothing made right their attitude was soundly nasty. I focused on the priority of repairing the brakes hoping somehow the Ribs would grow on me.

They did not and I began imagining how it would feel to throw away $1300 and buy new tires. Instead with encouragement from my new brake and motor shop I returned  timidly to Tire Pros to see if they would make things right. It was a disaster. I never expected a service shop to exhibit veiled aggression and to be so uncooperative. It was not until I pulled the legal card that I received action. Having learned at my new shop what a standard brake inspection requires and I mentioned this to Tire Pros…  hey I want to see the brake inspection sheet you did on my van.  That woke them up and I was offered a full refund upon approval of the owner. I attempted a discussion about the tires but was met with stupid stares and further hostility so I walked out.

A few days later the owner called me, he was not happy at my report. He will send a full refund for the brakes and has had a “talk” with his store manager. …  corners being cut, not doing the right things….  I called him back about my dilemma with the Ribs and his staff’s hostility and that’s how the tire swap occurred; he called Michelin made arrangements…  of course all this took many days and then finally it was over the 30 day limit so swapping to an approved Michelin tire was the only thing he would offer. As he told me, otherwise he’d be out the price of the tires. Well?  OK nevermind. Lame excuse to dump that responsibility on the customer.

The tire swap went without issue other than the owner keeping me waiting for several more days until he finally decided I could go ahead with the swap…  another control issue. I was not offered a price adjustment so had to contact the owner again.  He said I’d be given a $400 adjustment so, yep, had to go back again.  Once I got to the shop I was given a $370 adjustment with the excuse that I was being charged $15 a tire for labor.  Their number didn’t add up as I was also told that the adjustment was actually $450…  so $450 minus $60 is $390 and close to what I was promised. I found this disgustingly petty. In no way will I do business with Tire Pros in the future and I recommend others avoid this shop. Am waiting anxiously for their check for the brakes…  grateful that it wasn’t a worse outcome. My condolences to the owner, I’m glad he called and has made sincere efforts to set things right; however isn’t it likely that the owner sets the policy.


So now I have BF Goodrich Commercial All Seasons 2.  Reviews are mixed. I hope they will do. I hope I will be pleased. I wrote to BF Goodrich for a tire loading (psi) chart as I could not find one on their website. I am wondering about the MS2’s from Costco…  were these E load range?  Yes, still lusting for those tires.

Perhaps latter I will post some interesting things about tires, load and motorhomes.

Meanwhile here’s some pictures of my dogs around the lovely town of Santa Barbara.

The pups at City College

The pups at City College

Let's Go For A Walk

Let’s Go For A Walk

Flying Curls Jackson at the Park.

Flying Curls Jackson at the Park.

A Santa Barbara kinda day

A Santa Barbara kinda day




Mason…  there’s something under there which Mason takes very seriously.

Flying Curls Jackson and Jeana, Lagotto Romagnolo siblings.

Flying Curls Jackson and Jeana, Lagotto Romagnolo siblings.

Flying Curls Jeana

Flying Curls Jeana

Flying Curls Lagotto Romagnolo will be expecting Comes cordis Olympia’s 2nd and final litter this winter, currently accepting a waiting list. 

Time Passes

Today is my 2nd year Anniversary on WordPress. Wow. Currently not traveling, but hope to take a short trip to Placerville and my great friend Lee if Olympia is up to it after the July 4th weekend Ventura Cluster Summerfest All Breed Dog Shows. I think Terzo will be at the show (Olympia’s stud!)and some other wonderful Lagotto! I’ll be volunteering with my local AKC Club, Channel City Kennel Club, setting up the judges lunch. This year Mason and Olympia will be watching from the couch waiting to see what fun things I bring home from the vendors.

Comes cordis Olympia of Flying Curls

Waiting for puppies!


Heading South After New Year

Time to use my own links to find camping near Indio, CA. First stop The Kennel Club of Palm Springs dog show.

Amazingly 15 Lagotto Romagnolo entered!! This is our first AKC show .. . what a great show it will be!

Jan 5, 2013
Ring 30. Ring time 2:35 pm

Jan 6, 2013
Ring 9
12:35 pm


Hi Everyone

Okay Mom says trip is delayed again…  this time it’s because of me, can you believe that! She tells me I started my Season. . . is that a new game, something to eat–I don’t know, we’ve been staying home a lot.

My Lagotto Romagnolo

Olympia in her summer haircut

Here I am in my summer do. Grooming can be such an ordeal.

Kisses, everyone…

later, signed me, Olympia