My spot at Downtown Riverside RV Park, North Little Rock.

While I wasn’t so hot on Hot Springs, I enjoyed Little Rock. Smiles returned to people’s faces. I liked the city, the vibes and energy and badly wanted a egg, turkey sausage, tomato & goat cheese on a ciabatta bun with light pesto and basil garnish at Community Bakery but wouldn’t you know it breakfast was only served until 10:30 and it was after noon already when I wandered into this shop! Once I saw that sandwich on the menu board I couldn’t be satisfied with something sweet so I passed, well they also had a significantly long line and I’d left the dogs in the van. I was being picky, but I was happy. A conservative state but Little Rock being the home of Bill Clinton, maybe a bit progressive. Of course, storms, tornadoes, hurricanes and wind are frequent natural disasters.

The nighttime show, every night as seen from my spot at the RV Park under the bridges.

I’d spent the night under the bridge at the Downtown Riverside RV Park.  I thoroughly intended to walk over the foot bridge with the dogs but instead I took a nap. Is it just me that finds being in a metropolitan area on the water with bridges all around relaxing? I prefer marina type RV camps over any other, save next to a lake a or a river; esp I prefer this to being backed up into dark trees with no view or the dreaded concrete parking slab type place. They only had one available space when I arrived, right on the water and they didn’t want to give it to me. It was a 50 amp only Park; I don’t get pushed around anymore at RV Parks, I wanted to stay there and not at the forestry place she suggested. All I need is one space, if it’s big and meant for a big rig then I have plenty of room to fit in! I bought a 50 to 30 amp converter from the desk, paid cash, but I was prepared to forgo electricity if need be. A big rig pulled in right behind me; nope, I’d nabbed the last spot.


And to everyone a good night’s sleep. Was quite windy during the night, the van was rockin…  LOL. 

Starting our morning walk.

Last shot on our morning walk, after this we loaded up and drove across the bridge to explore the city.


Arkansas State Capital …   Arkansas agritourism: museums, hands-on activities, and tours promoting the great outdoors and methods of moving to a greener society while emphasizing the resources of The Natural State.  Lots of interesting free things to do listed as well! Hope they keep this up!