The only thing which keeps me from going to Lee and Craig’s home in El Dorado County more often is the long long drive from Santa Barbara. Each time I do it I take a different route. This time to avoid the heat I stayed on the coastal 101 till I reached CA 152/33 east to 50 at which point I switched my GPS to, shortest route from my usual,  fastest route. It seemed innocent. I was tired, having twice been delayed by road blockages, both accidents.  This small change led me up to Buckeye Road out of Shingle Springs to pop out on Hwy 49. There were other strange turns and surprises that my innocent brain kept obeying as I sped along in my wheel-spinning, don’t fall asleep while driving, zone. That GPS of mine is really tricky, I could swear every time it said I’d be at destination in an hour or 4o min, I’d look again and it’d say an hour a half or 65 min. It was the ZONE! It was very very hard to resist the urge to climb into my comfy bed and take a nap but I couldn’t convince the dogs: one could lay on the accelerator and the other paw and nuzzle the steering wheel, no?  Still in my mind it was a no-brainier, just hop in back and somehow the LT would keep on rollin’; it’d be cool to see the trees drifting by overhead. Reality could use some improvements, it should be possible to split oneself at important moments like that.

I always have a good time at Lee’s and her husband Craig never ceases to amaze me with his delicious cooking! Wow, I’m lucky to have them as friends. On Saturday I headed back down Hwy 49 to Shenandoah Vineyards in Plymouth for the Northern CA Lagotto Romoganolo gathering. There were 40 people and 17 dogs. . . quite impressive. The drive was lovely, I had no idea so many vineyards were hidden on the quite but rough paved lanes. The LT made plenty of bouncy bumpy clangy sounds making me glad that Mason and Olympia were back at Lee’s, Olympia being pregnant, I thought it best to limit her exposure; she would have loved showing off in pool though!

Went to the Craft Castle the next day with Lee, then lunch at the Bistro 33 in Domingo Hills; if we had dawdled we might have run into Lisa from the winery and Jacki who traveled from Missouri to perform the excellent grooming lessons and share her Lagotto wisdom with us.  They came for dinner.

Lots of sun, amazing peaches, the corn is sweet and juicy, everything costs less and is more yummy… heck I even filled the LT tank with gas at $3.85 a gal (in Santa Barbara it’s at a min $4.09 a gal.) I miss food like this. We went to Hooverville and picked up some fruit which rapidly disappeared, I’d hoped to take some home… should have gone to get more the day I left, ah, another time.

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