Turns out the LT needed a new part, this time it was the fan clutch, so the reason it would heat up and turn the air conditioner off was because the cooling fan wasn’t going on when headed uphill…. okay, sigh… so I had Bruce also check out the back side window which only worked a few times before quitting. Same problem as last time, the gear is stripped. Now how did this happen, supposedly this occurs do to brute force.. the only ones who messed with the window were the guys at Quality RV, were they overzealous in their efforts to make it work? Or is this more of that infamous quip of mechanics everywhere…. COINCIDENCE! Rather than pay Bruce again to fix what he’s already fixed I will try the repair myself.

Quality RV did not call or respond this week, so I will try to figure out what happened to the frig on my own. Will see how far I get.  Am suspicious that their prognosis of “coincidence” was actually caused by something…. Hmm… What a novel idea!

Brakes have gone squirrely and that annoying road jiggle is back so next week– tire/brake place, Dal Pozzo’s for a checkup including a check on the front end steering stabilizer. It is rusty but that doesn’t necessarily mean the spring is not tight…. will see. If it needs replacement this time I will locate a good part, something of quality and then have the shop install.

You can see not the best week but the shocker came with my darling Olympia’s pregnancy. I was so happy taking her in to my local vet, Dr. Mobraaten. Sally was late, I think I know now who the dog is that had the emergency that delayed her… hoping and wishing for her health. Sally tried and tried with the ultrasound…. all of us going from cheery to scrunched. No puppies! am not going into details here because I’m furious at Warner Pet Clinic and I don’t want to hear how this is COINCIDENCE! I spent a fortune there and they have not even returned my call. Going to the Warner Pet Center was an unpleasant ordeal but I preserved. Ugh, later when I’m more centered I’d write a review of my experiences. Don’t like how now so many of my acquaintances who’s used Warner for repo have had no puppies on the first try…. what, you say, coincidence? Sally wants to do a recheck on Aug 1st… she’s suspicious, maybe, could be, possibility … one pup hiding in my girl. I’ll keep an open mind. So re-breeding then in Feb. Scrapped all my fall and winter plans… scrapped all my plans for Spring and summer of 2014 in a few short moments. I took to eating. Stress eating and now my eyes are threatening with their migraine like thing they do. I’m so tired, it’s not the 5K or making all the phone calls to breeders, puppy buyers, friends, it’s the empty rush. It’s the stuff in the back yard waiting to be made into a whelping box, a puppy play area, it’s the adventures we were slated to embark upon… all the dog shows we would travel to, the freedom of the road with my 3 pups, everything falling into place… a good life, fun.

Fine, I shouldn’t be stressed, I need a home. Am supposed to take all the constant losses with a smile. I don’t like empty. I don’t rootless.

I’ll leave you with some photos I took at Avila Beach in SLO, the Diablo Power Plant sitting there so innocently. I almost stayed the night up on the hill. It’s funny they flattened it on top… I thought back to 1978 and being there with Alan Salyes the night before the Protest, wanting to have Patrick there, but he wouldn’t come, sleeping on that hillside, rolling down in our sleeping bags: Here’s a bit I wrote about those times:

Without Patrick I continued south on Hwy 1 towards Avila Beach. Sans sleep the low-lying fog caused time to be like a dream. Out my rear view mirror Roadrunner, my favorite cartoon character came racing up the yellow divider. In his left hand was a gigantic red stop sign. He planted himself a few hundred feet in front of my car thrusting his right hand in front of my windshield causing me to slam the brakes from 65 mph to nearly a dead stop before I realized that Roadrunner was not only not there, but that he could not possibly be there since he wasn’t allowed out in the three-dimensional world. Next was Bugs Bunny chewing on a giant carrot. I drove right through him. I was hoping for another but it was quiet after that.

I bundled into my bag and joined my affinity group imitating sleep on the hillside. It was the funniest night, we’d doze then wake having rolled down the hill, shuffle-walk without getting out of our bags back up a bit, rearrange at a new angle, doze and roll down again and wake again which went on until Alan appeared; this is when I learned he’d joined my affinity group. We whisper-chattered about non-violence, social responsibility, the innate ability of people to choose best actions. At 4 am we laid out a spread of stone ground peanut butter, apples and carrots with seeded honey bread but we didn’t eat, we were too excited. The ability to care was in the grasp of the people, we said to each other, if they could act in the face of a wrong and take responsibility, mutuality would prove stronger than greed; the masses were shrouded in ignorance and apathy; big business conned media, powerful lobbyist clouded the peril of nuclear dangers, we didn’t need exponential population growth. We clicked, lusting for action, agreeing with each other excited to be there and to be together.

Avail Beach in 2013 … on the pier

The Avila Beach Pier... looking out.

The Avila Beach Pier… looking out.

The Avila Beach Pier

The Avila Beach Pier, SLO

 Avila Beach Pier

Avila Beach Pier just missed the fish market: closed for the day


Peteris Vasks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQBLCeg5UtM&list=PLA8A96A765F963259