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Time Passes

Today is my 2nd year Anniversary on WordPress. Wow. Currently not traveling, but hope to take a short trip to Placerville and my great friend Lee if Olympia is up to it after the July 4th weekend Ventura Cluster Summerfest All Breed Dog Shows. I think Terzo will be at the show (Olympia’s stud!)and some other wonderful Lagotto! I’ll be volunteering with my local AKC Club, Channel City Kennel Club, setting up the judges lunch. This year Mason and Olympia will be watching from the couch waiting to see what fun things I bring home from the vendors.

Comes cordis Olympia of Flying Curls

Waiting for puppies!


Hi Everyone

Okay Mom says trip is delayed again…  this time it’s because of me, can you believe that! She tells me I started my Season. . . is that a new game, something to eat–I don’t know, we’ve been staying home a lot.

My Lagotto Romagnolo

Olympia in her summer haircut

Here I am in my summer do. Grooming can be such an ordeal.

Kisses, everyone…

later, signed me, Olympia