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The Lovely Sea

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Waves travel in groups (something I’d like to try as opposed to alone with the dogs.) Waves create a bit of deception. We can sit in a trance like bliss watching them pound the shore—it seems that sea is lapping at our feet, clamoring for attention, shouting at the land to dissolve so it can explore further and further the mysteries of dry land. What is really going on is energy. Depth, shape and slope determine how that energy falls onto the shore. Sets of waves pile together pushing steeper and higher until they topple as a breaker . . . the lovely surf. Influenced by currents, sea temperature, wind speed and direction, gravity, the rotation of the earth, water pressure, fresh water melting and running to the sea . . . it’s complex and dramatic.

Wikipedia says the Pacific Ocean covers 165.25 million square kilometers or 63.8 million square miles of the Earth’s surface.

Here in the Pacific the colder deeper water is driven towards the surface, in upwelling, bringing nutrients such as nitrate, phosphates and silicic acid for phytoplankton mixing with carbon dioxide and light, attracting life in abundance. I searched for a video on upwelling but did not find what I wanted, nevertheless here’s an intro http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Al8WrXkLuL4&feature=relmfu

Everyone should understand these basic earth processes, how the ocean works, the atmosphere, and so forth. Evidence of change is constant and we cannot effectively prepare to sustain ourselves without observation, knowledge and critical inquiry.

Standing, sitting or driving through the sunny, foggy, rainy coastal pacific is an experience of massive process displaying such stunning beauty its hard to believe we are gifted the perception to see this.

Driving Across Oregon to the Sea

Driving Across Oregon to the Sea

The Oregon Coast

Looking inward at Siuslaw River in Florence Oregon

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