Every day on this trip was enjoyable, wish I was still staring at wild sea, hidden lakes, trails of flowers; the startling friendliness of being somewhere else. For the women who dream about traveling alone with or without pets, drop me a line.  I’ll write more about this in coming posts.

Meanwhile here’s some photos of my drive home from the Washington Peninsula back to Central Coast California. There are more and lots of adventures but for now just photos.  I’ll try to do a park / camp spot review in the coming days.

When I crossed into California, it was HOT!!!! Hot and expensive. I immediately longed for the Pacific Northwest in spite of the all too evident troubles, for example Capital Lake in Olympia is so polluted you’re best not even to go near the water. It is a reservoir, it is beautiful something I don’t often say about reservoirs. The lake suffers high levels of phosphorus, toxic algae blooms, fecal coliform bacteria and the nasty New Zealand Mudsnail. Once this area was estuary. My opinion, yes it should be restored. No swimming for my dogs. How can one explain that you just can’t go in the water? I liked Olympia as I always have, spent a few days there. Beautiful parks in the area, fun restaurants, lots of activity, art, music, people having fun, harbors, traffic not so bad, so much to like except the terrible pollution.


Washington …   when it’s season to capture these little guys and the other shellfish must be a mob scene. 





My my Olympia! Yes, my girl Olympia has been to Olympia. I camped at the same campground behind the Texaco station near the State Park as I’ve stayed before. The State Park was unbelievably jammed, had to believe everyone was actually in their own space and not doubled or tripled up. When the crowds come out they do so like shellfish. Tons of kids and groups of family campers.


Capital Lake … took a nice hike around the lake to Capital Park.


In downtown Olympia they were having a Pride Day. Stopped and watched the parade and was about to leave when a youth came running over asking if my dogs were Lagotti. Behind him was mom and day with this little young one! 🙂


I told my dogs to stay like this, which they did. I took a handful of pictures and came back to relax. A woman in the park walked across the field to tell me she’s never seen anything like it, how I talked to my dogs with regular conversation and they understood and happily complied.


Bullseye Portland. so sorry everyone I might have connected with in Portland. I can only plead traffic and fear, fear of not being able to park so my dogs would be comfortable and safe, cars everywhere, gridlock, fast drivers, my pathetic Garmin with bad directions, I wanted to stay but not in this RV, not this trip. Apologies.


On the Rogue River. the fellows all came by and checked me out. Lots of single men camped out for the summer.


My view. watching the river.


Was quite hot.  Good to have power for the air conditioner. Not a lot of area for walking. I didn’t feel like driving so took the dogs down that grassy area which leads to a rocky beach. No swimming here though, the river is moving fast and deep.


Somewhere near Salem. don’t recommend this place, on top of the fwy and backed by mega shopping centers. Looks are deceiving here.


Double woof! WOOF!


This was a pretty lake near Salem, but there was way too much trash.


Salem, Oregon


Beautiful architecture. No one seems to smile. I was either ignored or greeted by a half snarl, nothing personal I’m sure but the citizens seemed preoccupied and stressed.


This wasn’t open, it’s an art dealer.


I love you sooooo much my little Mason.






So hot here in Red Bluff. 108 or so. I have a friend in Redding but at this point I wanted to get out of the heat. The lid opener for the overhead fan had broken. being without that cooling air was significant and borderline dangerous.


I paid extra for this end spot on the river. There were mosquitoes so I didn’t walk as far as I’d planned. As soon as the Park ends, the trash starts. Piles and piles of it. It seemed to me the area residents no longer see it as anything unusual . Lots of evidence of smoking. 


A small reminder of Washington