I was so happy to meet a Lagotto and his canine and human friend upon arrival in Surrey although it confused me that I was in Surrey instantly upon crossing the border. Not knowing where to go I got a bit lost, the Info lady straightened me out and warned about exit traffic from Vancouver as the day I arrived was the day the camping season officially began with a 3-day holiday weekend. I didn’t quite get this right, thinking traffic would actually be in the city, as it turned out everyone with a vehicle apparently decides to head west beginning at 3 pm along BC 1 towards the town of Hope and the mountains. Obviously the road is not big enough for everyone so everyone sorta sits there, just like in LA and, I don’t know, maybe they play some sort of game like lets count foolish foreigners in big vans that think they can actually make any progress on this highway.

Nevertheless I had a fun but faint time seeing Stanley Park, an oasis of green, calm and scenic in contrast to the actual city. I was wobbly and lightheaded, close to embarrassingly passing out on the lovely promenade. Note to self don’t drink a strong iced mocha for breakfast with no food or water when sleep deprived; it sounds like a good idea but after the initial bolt of energy something odd happens, collapse. That was solved by a nice meal, 3 or 4 glasses of ice water and a beautiful view.

Then I drove randomly through Vancouver, currently a very Asian city with a clean, fun and vibrant downtown area.

OK, that’s all I’m going to write tonight, remember I said this will be in stages. It will take me awhile to get caught up. I’m tired but happy tonight after a very long and spectacular drive in dense mountain forests and stunning open agricultural ranch land and back to forests over and over.

The ice will be coming!!!!  And the pelting rain!
And pictures will be coming, here’s one in advance….   I’m sure I took some photos in Vancouver, didn’t i? … LOL