Heading Down The Road

Through the windshield, heading NW

Would you suppose one could travel west from a Pacific Coast beachtown? Yes, if it’s Santa Barbara! We all packed on board, and that’s right, headed west in the lovely fog. We’ve begun a new chapter of the  journey!!! A year and a half after bringing the LT home, it’s more or less road worthy– the wind today was a challenge. Tonight, our first night camping, is a cop-out in a not too pleasant La Qunita near the San Jose Airport. The walls reverberate… can hear all the TV’s, doors, chatter, people creaking overhead. Smoke drifts in from outside, the bathroom light makes everything seem blurry and out of focus, no view, nowhere nice to walk and to top it off the desk chair is hollow so I’m perched on the edge. The actual room fee even with my discount is about $25 more than the posted Internet price. I picked it for it’s low price…I think that’s deception. The woman at the counter with me claimed that she had been finding it “normal” that advertised prices were not being honored.

I fed the dogs in the LT, they thought that was perfect, then made myself a little T.J.’s Almond Butter with Roasted Flaxseeds and Sarabeth’s Orange Apricot Marmalade sandwich on D’Angelo’s Multigrain Sourdough, complemented with some Tofu Spinach Curry from Lazy Acres and T. J.’s fresh Grapefruit juice (all of these goodies are from Santa Barbara.) Then I switched the refrig to propane and noticed a problem. The propane level has dropped by a quarter of a tank. My propane test was only one night and part of two days. Guess I’ll be heading for a propane refill.

View out the window

Avalia Beach

This photo is from our noonish “breakfast’ stop at Avalia Beach at mile 104. In the ’70s and ’80s I’d protested the competition of the Diablo nuclear plant due to safety issues on this beach–if I can find it I’ll post the placard I made, someone saved it and posted it on Wikipedia.  I was too anxious to eat until then. Lots of birds feasting around the fishing boats. We had a nice but brief walk on the beach. Olympia went for a dip and came out with clumps of sand covering her legs. I’d intended to walk past our starting point to the other end of the beach and then let Olympia dry but Mason ran as fast as his little legs could fling in and out racing up the steps to the LT. So we headed back, he looked happy so I don’t know why he was so eager to call it quits. Maybe it was the heat or maybe some old memory from long ago (he was found in Lompoc—not too much of a stretch to believe he’d been to Avalia Beach before.)