Since 1911 “The Historic Virginian Hotel” has been the “gathering place” in southern Wyoming for over 100 years.  Set in Medicine Bow, Wyoming it was the biggest hotel between Denver, Colorado and Salt Lake City, Utah and is registered a National Historic Landmark.


If you should get out to the little town of Medicine Bow be sure and see the Haunted Virginian Hotel and across the street, Medicine Bow Museum  I enjoyed the great collection around the railroad, Native Americans, ranching, homesteading, the US mail route, telegraphs, domestic inventions, working equipment, transportation, arts and crafts and the Virginian. Nostalgic, for those of us old enough and interesting. The River here was good medicine to the Plains Indians.

Found this cute photo on the wall in the bathroom.


Saw an entire top of a pickup truck, and still in one piece, flopped over in the roadway, some guys in their white truck coming to get it. Pays to keep your eyes active and not drive too fast. People sometimes tell me stories, heard about dogs, children, husbands, grandchildren and women, cats, mice, those wanting to retire. Guys with lots of tattoos, boots and cigarettes. Hate when the coffee I get doesn’t have enough caffeine in it but of course too much gives me the jitters.

Laramie on quick tour seemed to have a lot of bars, think there’s a lot of churches too.  Summer and Winter are the only seasons and Winter is long and the wind is strong. I Imagine though that they do have Fall and it’s likely beautiful. Wyoming is a Conservative state but these college towns are a mix. I didn’t find an easy or available spot for the night so another 45 minutes to Cheyenne. Lots of no vacancies even in the national forest land.

I did stay in Cheyenne, my protector Mom helped me out and continued to when I was stuck. And I got stuck plenty. I could swear I’ve been to this Park before, I remember the BBQ chicken and how the last time I was there (or I thought I was there) they also did not have any. The chicken needs to be watched and only one of their staff people apparently is able to do that and he’s not always working. Oh, the chicken BBQ is their most asked for meal but they don’t make enough and/or don’t make any. Weird, I was not happy as it’s a main draw for their campsite…  dinner!!!! I had to make do with being creative.

My passing image of Cheyenne were these boots everywhere and the pretty red brick architecture. The Wrangler Store and the Depot Museum were not open when I passed through. I did land a coffee and a bit of “comfort food” for breakfast.

Think they should call ’em horse-boys instead of cow-boys and girls! Don’t see too many real horses but I drive past enormous ranch lands.


Wyoming land of open skies, dramatic weather, wildlife, romances, shoot-outs, haunted relics, long winters and hardy active people, spectacular natural elements and scenery, where cowboys still roam and horses still buck. I did not stay nearly long enough in Montana and Wyoming. Go earlier or later than I did or make pre-reservations; it’s also full of tourists. I don’t like to reserve ahead as I never know which way I want to go until I get there….  and then there’s Mother Nature in a huff doing some rapid alterations all over the globe.