A few lessons in no particular order:

1:  Lost the bulk of my fresh food today including my delicious Follow Your Heart Vegan Gourmet Mozzarella, a loaf of mulitgrain sourdough, most of my fruit and several perishable drinks. An expensive error which will leave me hungry. It was too hot and too damp in the van for the boxed food, and I’d forgotten to turn the refrig back to 12 volts. Even though it seemed not too hot today, it was too hot. Must be cautious in eating what’s left in friggy….  Add to buy list, refrigerator alarm.  I saw something like that in an RV supply catalog.

2:  The laptop will only run on the Wagan Smart AC inverter if the laptop has a full charge, if even slightly low it will not run without fluttering.

3:  Just because it’s a State Park, doesn’t mean it’s not directly adjacent to a busy Fwy or Hwy….  that’s where I am now, listening to the dying traffic at 9 p.m., dry camping.

4. Smoke from neighbor’s fires will be pulled inside from the air vent…don’t use if you want to breathe no matter how hot and stuffy it seems.

5. There are some really nice people on the road and in the campgrounds–met one last night in Cannon Beach, Roxanne and her companion Ralph from Seattle who helped me with the water system on the LT. The pressure regulator was defective, they figured this out and kindly provided one they didn’t need for me to keep!!!  Also home-grown veges and  berry pie!  Roxanne asked me and the dogs out for a walk…I was very happy for her company

6. AAA maps are too vague. Really need more detail, same with the Moon RV camping book for the Pacific Northwest, nowhere near enough detail. Probably not worth the price…I find I don’t use it. Their state book would be good but then you need one for each state.

7. It’s really hard to take photos out the windshield with a big camera that you have to twist to raise the lens to more or less point it in the intended direction (i.e. not the dashboard or the floor) but it’s equally difficult (i.e. impossible) to find a place to pull over when you see a gorgeous sight and want to keep an image of it. …  I know, if only the dogs could drive!

8. If you are gripping the steering wheel really hard when it’s windy or you’re on a two lane narrow suspension bridge far above the water or when you know you have to at least try to keep up with traffic on a windy mountain or curvy cliff road with no shoulders, no one need know that this is the reason for firm muscles developing in your arms.

9.  A van camper is not necessarily an RV, but then again it is. This applies to parking:  sometimes you need not park in the designated RV parking areas, sometimes you do. You have to figure it out on a case by case basis.

10. The enzyme digester for the toilet smells far more obnoxious than the toilet and it’s very hard to get rid of….just as  most air fresheners simply provide a headache and queasy stomach in exchange for whatever previous obnoxious smell was troubling. Am working on a solution with windows wide open and fan at full blast. It’s okay I like cold air.

11. Guests will always arrive when your motorhome is at its worst…this probably can’t be avoided but does provide incentive to clean it after the guests have left just in case they return….  What’s that about first impressions?

12. A Lagotto is only cute when she’s not rolling in something disgusting and then leaping into your motorhome.

13. A restaurant advertising, The Best of Reward, for a food item, may be joking….  this applies to chocolate truffles, fish and chips, pizzas…tourist/travelers are easy victims because they don’t return….no solution to this one yet except to write scathing reviews to potentially save another hungry wanderer.

14. Traveling is a good way to lose weight. <sigh> I was really looking forward to a melted vegan cheese sandwich in olive oil tonight..