Missed posting this one from Big Horn National Forest:

Can you imagine a wagon train at about 2 miles per hour and walking across an unknown land. If you’re lucky 5 or 6 months or so more likely a year or two or never. So many did not make it.

Can you imagine the excitement of the first cross continental train? And flying? Taking a ship from New York to California was another option.

National Historic Trails, Casper Always Free. Fun place to explore with guided tours, information, art and interactive displays including a trip across the treacherous river by ox pulled wagon.

Advertisement For Rufus Porter’s Aerial Transport New York To California In Three Days – 1849

“Porter’s interest in aerial navigation dates from sometime around the 1820’s, when he began to ponder the design requirements for an aerial ship. His booklet “AERIAL NAVIGATION – The Practicability Of Traveling Pleasantly And Safely From New-York To California In Three Days,” published in 1849, set out his design in considerable detail. His AERIAL LOCOMOTIVE, with a hydrogen-filled compartmented gas “spindle” 800 feet in length and 50 feet in diameter, was to carry between 50 and 100 people at a speed of 60 to 100 m.p.h. The great machine was to be remain aloft for 12 hours at a time, propelled by two steam engines driving two “fan wheels or propellers” each of which would be 20 feet in diameter and revolve at 200 r.p.m. He estimated that the machine would weigh a total of some 14,000 pounds and would generate a total buoyant lift of 56,000 pounds, leaving 42,000 pounds for 200 passengers and luggage. Passengers were to be assured that they were in little danger, and each was to be provided with a parachute to further allay any fears. The gas-filled spindle would be constructed of a spruce framework covered with cloth and coated with “India rubber.” Porter believed that by revolving the spindle the resistance of the spindle through air would be reduced markedly; he thus termed his gas-filled spindle a “revoloidal spindle.””  

The Perfect Road! Gas is cheap and the roads are long. When you come over the ridge the road disappears and you just see clouds, you can jump into the clouds and fly.

All those masses rushing to be in the same place at the same time and out here there is such amazing space. With my trusty LTV nothing is impossible. Remember to gas up before heading out on these roads, no services and often no cell signal. The thunder clouds would form and dissipate, then reappear making shadows on the ground to drive though like secrete gateways.