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After I left Larrabee. . . oh wait, I loved it so much I looked for property. Not for me apparently, not unless I win the lottery or land a grand jackpot at slot machine. So lovely.

My happy spot at Larrabbe

Troubles were building. Even at Larrabee I was having trouble. First it was the water; the new system Dan had helped me install was leaking; an hour of screwing and unscrewing left me cussing. The campsite faucet was also leaking. I broke off the remaining bit of the handle trying to get it to stop. I had the sewer hoses connected, still, I was standing in soggy stinky yuck. What I wanted was the space next to me. It was reserved but vacant. I drove off the nice couple from Canada to get the spot I was in now. The campground only offers a few RV sites…. the tent sites were empty. And tonight’s RV’ers seemed to have particularly vociferous dogs that Olympia wanted to have long discussions with ergo I asked the Canadians… well I didn’t really ask, it was complicated, and now my water wasn’t working. I knocked on the camp host’s trailer. I didn’t know what to expect, usually when I’d tried this the resulting reply would be rather grumpy. This one wasn’t. He came right out and played with the dogs. To my dismay he replaced the handle on the faucet.  However it wouldn’t turn so we sat and talked. I turned my head away when he mentioned that someone must have gone at it with pliers… hmm, no, I didn’t have any pliers but I did have a nice hammer in the back of my van.  He told me where to find the best views and the ins and outs of camp hosting and how his elder cat  who pulled loose his oxygen mask at night, might be succeeded by a dog.  As dark was settling in I was awarded permission to move to the coveted spot, nice and dry with no distractions for my dogs. I gave up on the water idea.

The next day I lingered until checkout at 1 pm, enjoying myself. I’d slept better here than anywhere on my trip so far. Of course it occurred to me to stay. I loved the place.  The sea, the cliffs, the flora and fauna…there was much to occupy me, but I left. I have no explanation. I thought I’d find the same loveliness at the next State Park. I didn’t, nor at the next 4 RV camps. You get the idea. I kept moving. Where ‘O Where is Jamie headed???? I had no idea, Mason had no idea and, Olympia she had her head propped on the door handle in an effort to not look completely bored. Me: Look at the map, the GPS and drive in that direction. I detoured through farm land. Rest and tarry? No I couldn’t. I did pick up a hot vegan dinner from a coop I passed, and non-vegan milk chocolate drops. I’d sort of noticed a lot of water in the refrigerator. It made a mess for me to clean. I’d switched the ‘fridge to propane and it cooled down; plugged in, it failed.

Canada and the San Juan Islands were very appealing except for the expense. I’m a woman with no income, so in the end I scrunched up my eyes staring at the map for some indication of a happy campground. I hate paying money for a bad night’s sleep. Sorry Kate I knew your home was not too far but I was on a mission.

My thought process is vaguely like a bird, maybe a drunk bird…. Oh I almost forgot I found the loons! They were at Larrabee, can’t blame ’em.

I like to find an odd way to get from here to wherever I’m going and land in a ‘just right’ nest; not too lonely, not too crowded, and so forth. I depend on my Garmin to led me. It does so via some very peculiar routes. Often I refuse to listen. It then has to re-route me. We play this game: I see an interesting road and take it, the GPS finds an even more interesting way to get me back on track and starts telling me to do U turns and to take these strange little byways. What do people think seeing a little RV in their midst far from the beaten trail?  Often they wave as if they should know me. I must be visiting somebody and they want to be sure they tell whoever it is, that yes, they were friendly to me. At times, I feel I’ve left the States and am in a nether land, then POP the GPS returns me to normalcy.

View from my campsite

At long last, and it was a short driving day for all my drama, but I was tired, I pulled in to Camano State Park. Not quite deserted, I found a few RVs and at a least 1 or 2 tenters. The RVs were all crowded in the few view spaces. What makes Washington park planners believe folks want to be hidden in trees when they camp? Dark trees, with no view? Are campers like church goers needing to be cloistered? A solemn shroud imparts the right attitude? Do they think we don’t notice that way that (OMG) another camper is right there behind that shadowy tree? What’s wrong with a view, and natural light and space. If I want cramped and dark I can go home. I want to see the world and watch the interchange of nature. Apparently others feel the same, the view spaces are prized.

It was a rough night…. Refirg trouble, door and latch trouble even the pantry door would not close, financial issues from home, Internet died every 2 to 5 minuets while I had issues with loading photos on WordPress and I kept at it, I spilled my dinner on the keyboard, was chased by bees, had to clean some toxic looking purple stuff from the picnic bench Olympia wanted to sit on, spent too much time on the cell phone and then was bitten horrifically by bugs; I gathered a bunch wood others had left for a campfire, it would be my first but I never had the time to light it.

In the morning I headed for the nearby beach to let the dogs run and promptly lost the LT keys in the park. It was that sort of day.

We stop at lots of these along the way

An hour or so ago the dogs were romping, chasing each other in happiness on the shoreline of the Columbia River… but wait…. first I need to catch up.

Dog Heaven

Therese and her husband Dan welcomed me, weary and disheveled to their home in Ferndale Washington. Was heaven for visiting humans and canines alike. They love guests. It was the first time we’d met although Therese’s voice is familiar from our Skype meetings-—she is the president of the Lagotto Club of America. We meet monthly via the Internet although I cannot always make those meetings, and sometimes feel I am too quiet when I do, we have a great club. I could see Therese truly loves dogs! These are very special people. A busy productive houseful filled with contented woofers… 2 grown Lagotti, one puppy Lagotto, a lab, a cute little Schipperke and a cat! (whoa did I miss any?) They romp in the grassy yard, bounce on the outside deck and lounge complacently, cuddled or alone on the couches and chairs. . . But Guido is special! Guido talks; he owns chairs and couches, he scuffles and masterfully flips himself in every direction at once while telling everyone his fanciful stories. He’’s a truly adorable wild-eye Lagotto boy, not to say that the rest of the crew are any less endearing. Check out Therese’s website.


Their hospitality was superb, I feel lucky and fortunate to have been their guest. A warm comfy king sized bed and bath, delicious meals, wine and tea, help with my ailing RV, laundry, a ride with top down in the Thunderbird… …just perfect.. Someday, when I find my own place I hope they will come stay with me and all the dogs too! Little Miss Olympia was not such a good house guest, oh no, she wanted to be the only dog that I would pet. Her voracious disapproval (i.e. jealousy) was way too much…. we’ll be working on her manners till she gets it right.

Dig that tail! Guido the Lagotto

Warning sign at the park in Bellingham near the Ferry Building

I stayed for two nights, my wanderlust overcoming me I headed for the delectable Larrabee State Park on Highway 11, but first I went to Al’s RV to pick up 2 new door latches and then to an astounding hardware complex—many shops all in one (I’m easily impressed but this place was huge.. if I’d had the time I could have lingered all day. The LT would have been chock full of my discoveries.) The clerk was gracious, walking the block or so to see my trouble– the bathroom door and closet were suffering. The closet was popping out of it’s screws allowing the hinge to displace and therefore the entire set of doors were continually swinging open as I drove. This rightfully scared the dogs, the closet door could easy fly off; with the privacy slider attached it’s particularly heavy, nevermind I cant’s see behind me when they pop. Dan had driven me all around Ferndale looking for a latch; alas Sunday is not a good day for that! The clerk at the hardware shop suggested fatter screws. Cost, $1.08! I replaced the falling out screws with the fatter ones—easy. Not so easy to install the new hinges. They looked the same but were longer and would not fit without drilling new holes. Back to Al’s, sure they could do it for me but with a min ½ hour, $48 labor charge. No thanks. A drill is now on my “to buy” list, meanwhile a bungee cord tied around the two door handles is keeping them from opening. This idea came from my hostess’s handyman; he cut me a piece of wood to put in the handles, but it kept sliding out, the bungee cord works better.

I did some sightseeing in Bellingham–yes the shops including TJ’s (Trader Joe’s) then the Alaska Ferry Building—it was deserted but fun to look around. This must have been the place where we caught the ferry back in the late ‘60s. Didn’t look familiar. Yes, I did think about going to Alaska!!! I spent the night at what has become my favorite beach on this trip, Larrabee State Park. The photos here don’t invoke the endorphin rush of pleasure this place brings. Ah my sweet Paradise! Except for one thing, alas, of course…pollution! Such a shame. I remember the case study of the Puget Sound area we did in my Master’s of Public Administration program, how corruption continues to denude the political agenda. Pollution is such a waste.

Walking to the beach at Larrabee

My best shots are on my cell phone and inside my head, so you may need to trek to the coast of Washington to see this park for yourself!

Oh, last night!

Parked by the river

What a glorious campsite I had….right on the Methow River at Twisp Washington. I hadn’t realized what I’d found until morning, my effort had been to escape the 100 deg heat. To that end I was driving like a manic, with the air conditioner on in spite of the laboring LT engine. I didn’t know it could make such intense sounds climbing those mountains. I left Loon Lake relaxed but confused. I’ve lost count how many times I changed my mind, reversed direction, peered at the map (the map btw finally tore into several pieces), picked a new destination, gave up and tired a different one. I don’t know this part of the country or I would have picked exactly the course I wound up choosing and I would have chosen the night’s rest at the same spot–of course I would have arrived hours earlier without the, uh-um….detours. For awhile I thought I’d land in the middle of Canada with no phone and no Internet….considering a long drive to Ainsorth Resort, but I wasn’t sure if they’d take the dogs or if I could keep them in the van.

The reason I loved my campground last night is because it was on the river, I had space, fresh clean air, quiet and it was dark!!!! Gloriously dark except for the full moon. Light pollution, over-illumination, light trespass along with noise pollution and torture by quarters (a Washington favorite) seem to be popular sport at the majority of RV camps I’ve frequented. At Riverbend they believe in sleep! Ah, I woke once in the night wondering what was wrong–it was so peaceful– flooding my memory of how, once I’d memorized the night sky, watching every night as it turned and moved. How many of you have watched the sky every night for a year, or maybe 2 or 5 or  more? A wisdom we have lost. I bypassed the quarter game by nixing my usual shower, I was still clean from Loon Lake. Thank you, thank you, thank you for that one night with the moon, river and stars! Really is everyone afraid of the night? You can’t see when it’s dark? Someone might sue, it’s dangerous? So keep it lit up like Disneyland (sorry Kate…since I’ve seen you I’m starting to count the days until Patrick (Kate’s son) can go to Disneyland!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Some scenes from yesterday.


I found myself in the North Cascades on Highway 20 in the morning. The bee who wouldn’t go away joined us for breakfast as we all talked about how lucky we were to enjoy such a lovely world. Actually I had a nice chat with a fellow Sam’s Club RVer. On his advice I checked out the Old West town of Winthrop, with Santa Barbra like shops and cafes. It was cute, had a nice soy cap and apple scone while the dogs enjoyed a few home baked biscuits.

Okay, that’s it for tonight, will post later about the amazing drive I did today… as per usual I’m really tired and not s0 cure about tonight’s stopping place…. questionable at best.

Are there any loons at Loon Lake?

Thank you Steve!!!!

Spent precious nights and days at Patrick’s house in the Washington woods. Thank you Patrick, Jane and Steve! Washed inside and outside of the LT…ahhhh, clean. Scrubbed the dogs, did laundry, washed my hair in soft water, (sans the cheating quarter game, which is akin to gambling but the stakes are minutes of hot water…. more on that later), slept in a dark cool room on a ‘just right’ inflatable bed. Found ice for my drinks and generous kindness from Steve. Olympia and Mason played chase me chase me games on the emerald lawn. Even watched the TV a bit. It was perfect except for one thing, I could not see the lake. I could walk there and catch glimpses through the neighbors yards but could not sit close to the water and count loons. Being the suspicious sort I began to wonder if, in fact, there were any loons…maybe all that nonsense about “private property” and folks “owning” the lake was a cover for the unhappy truth. According to the websites I found, the loon vacates in the presence of too much disturbance, such as jet skis and crowding by other species, including humans I’d think. …   Loon Lake is a thriving lakefront resort community, population of approximately 31,000, with its major economy coming from recreation, tourism, timber, agriculture, and mining. Lakefront homes and communities offer year round residency as well as vacation home rentals.

Since my view of the lake was so spotty, I’m going to say there are no loons left at all, of course the opposite could be true as well. In years past, a dear friend used to dream about Loon Lake, how it was filled with birds calling…  hmm???? I heard a train, cars on the highway, the wind and nice quiet. Maybe it’s the wrong time of year? The only loon at hand was the one hung in the kitchen.

The loons live on the kitchen wall! Every hour they let you know!

I’m generally behind on posting from where I am in actuality, it’s a nice reflection. I hadn’t considered that it could spoil the delicate timing of my trip. I was quite sad for several days to discover that my visit to Yellowstone fell into such turmoil. If it hadn’t been so hot, 90  to 100 degrees and over I could have lingered another week and half to correct the timing error. I would have liked that. Heat is not good to me; it feels good and then wham….headache, dizziness, shallow breathing, a sort of sudden incoherence overtakes me…. if I don’t run, and I can’t run, for air conditioning I know I will soon fall to the ground with a pounding pulse and swilling stars.   The heat is like a pressure compactor on my cells. I grew up in the desert, heat didn’t phase me, but apparently all that has changed. If I drink lots of fluids it helps a bit, mostly it means frequent trips to the bathroom…ergo the LT!  (And the LT”s air conditioner.)

My Mom reminded me of the 101 uses for a bandana, one of those uses is to get it really wet and drippy–don’t wring it out–and put it ’round your neck….that was amazing. When I did that my head came back. It was even better to start using the dog’s water sprayer on me. If I kept myself soaked I could be outside for a little longer.

Yellowstone did not happen. I can rationalize that National Parks are not a good place to bring pets. This is particularly true when you have two pets and there is only one of you.

An early stop on the lake tour














I took a day trip through Spokane, they have a “groovy” natural foods store, Huckleberry’s, that I enjoyed. Yummy Grilled Salmon Cesar Wrap from the bistro! The local neighborhood was a surprise; well foliaged gentle residential as opposed to the mishmash commercial main drag. The lake at Coeur d’Alene was smashing! Hey look at that I used the word, “smashing.” The drive was glorious but, of course, I became bored with gorgeous and three-quarters around I wanted out. Trusting my Garmin I blindly followed–people ask me if I get scared—hell yes I do! There I was with noting but a strange voice badly pronouncing the names of streets that were not posted as I  joggled the LT straight up on the loose gravel paths that led who knew where. The view was to die for, I skipped taking pictures or making sidetrips for fear of sinking the LT’s tires in quicksand.

I had a lot of fun, spritzing myself and learning lessons from Mason. For example, when I returned to Coeur d’Alene for a walk in the park, it was Mason who insisted we head to the wet grass for a laydown. It felt so good, my heart stopped pounding in it’s coolness. He would not budge until my pulse was back to normal. And it was Mason who sat on the edge of his seat as we drove back in the long dusk, telling me that I was doing fine and that If I couldn’t find the way in the dark he’d find it for me.

Spotted this on my drive into the hills

Having fun In the back yard

We have company

I stopped at AAA for new maps but I still use this one!

Driving Across Washington

Kate and I hadn’t seen one another since the early ’80’s; she can tell you the exact time and place in San Jose…and it was she, who found me. It’s quite an honor to be sought and found after so many years. This wasn’t the first time we’d been separated and reunited….  the first time was when we were three when my family moved t from the San Fernando Valley to Palm Springs. Kate and In became ” instant friends” as Kate reminded me in junior high school when my family moved back to the Valley. (Yes next time, Cathy we need you too to be there!)  It was great to talk and simply to see her.  Kate I will never forgot the greeting hug you gave me…now you are my treasure once again!


I want to add a phot0 edit here….  yes there are more pictures and pictures that make sense, but I’ve managed to scramble the photos….  I can’t locate a batch I edited several days ago. The numbers are not in order since I’ve filled one of the cards in my Sony and am now using the 2nd card….there are also photos in my Droid which I can’t transfer so when I return to Santa Barbara I’ll post some of the missing photos…. it is difficult to manage the two dogs and my big camera.  My new technique is to step on the leashes to take a shot without the shaking…Olympia likes to joust me just as the shutter is about to open. I need a smaller lighter camera when I have the dogs. My shoulders get tired!

I took off on Sat of Labor Day Weekend thinking I could whisk off to Leavenworth via scenic Hwy 2….. foolish thinking… scenic two-lane mountain road on a holiday? After an hour or so of 2 to 5 mph bumper grinding I ditched that idea reverting south through Snoqualmie to Hwy 90. The name had always intrigued me seeing it on the map–it’s the home of All Pets Go To Heaven and I’d loved the Snoqualmie Screen Saver with its “rhythmic, dancing patterns of colorful dots resemble the rainbow-colored mist rising”  from years ago. I didn’t have much time for exploration, the drive was long and tough with high winds and steep mountain curves, I was frayed but triumphant when I finally pulled into the 2nd to last spot at Icicle River RV ParkThe park guide helped me maneuver up-slope at an angle into the tight spot.I hated to leave for exploration but I did as soon as it cooled to a nice walking temperature. Leavenworth was just like Solvang near Santa Barbara, which was a disappointment. Even more of a disappointment was the unfavorable conditions for people with dogs. I could smell delicious food and gaze wistfully at displays of wine and cheeses, Danish pastries, full-blown restaurants but the city lacked any semblance of “parking” for one’s pooch. Not friendly to dogs, I decided as I struggled to get myself backed into the little RV spot. Another thing I noticed was that the RV parking was very skillfully hidden, I spent a half an hour chasing the RV parking signs in Leavenworth…I never did find the “prescribed” lot.

Walking the crowd

The town of Cashmere seemed cute and there was a lot of parking! The reason? The town was shutdown for Sunday in spite of the big holiday weekend. I was imagining what the shop owners were praying about in Church…  so much for breakfast. I bought some tomatoes and peaches at a food stand.

Wheat and the endless road...Yes this is Washington!

Washington flattens out in the middle…somehow this didn’t occur to me. No, Toto I hadn’t been flung to Kansas but to never-ending wheat fields. Of course all those cookies and loaves of bread I consume come from somewhere, but Washington?  ….. I hadn’t known. They are stunning. So orderly, golden in the summer, wafting and furrowed. Then the 150 mile road to the Grand Coulee Dam rises and dips cut from glaciers, studded with beauty and wildlife. And water, of course, glistening, beckoning….leave those silly cars and come float away with me.

A little "teaser" dam I spotted

At the summit is the dam built 1935 – 1942  in the Columbia River Basin…  it’s huge, as stated, one of the largest in the world. I’m not a fan of hydroelectric, damning our rivers inflicts hardship; reservoirs are not lakes… the entire water cycle is altered along with the life it supported, yet I stared at this massive hunk of concrete and connected power generators trying to compare the work of ancient civilizations with this creation of our civilization.

Let there be power

The town seemed deserted

2,500 miles

I’ll never get caught up, I realize that now…. I mean I’m thinking of going to sleep because I’m tired but there is so much to post. A few days ago I was looking across an empty home parcel at a street in Canada… it was an odd sensation realizing I could simply walk across the lot and be in Canada but I couldn’t drive across it. The border patrol was cruising nearby but I mean, who would give up their car, of course it occurred to me that I could drive across the lot….. my GPS showed no street on the other side, only a thin red line and then nothing. If I walked across, or drove, would I then vanish even though I could clearly see streets and houses????  I was tempted to run across and see what would happen but was too lazy. The tourist info lady told me of a spot where one could stand with one foot in the US and the other in Canada and I’d gone there first, but it cost $10 to park in the nearly empty lot…  too high a price for me. Washington is like CA, you can’t park without paying even for 5 minutes. I might have paid a dollar or two so the dogs could experience what it felt like to be in a different country. Maybe the grass or the trees would smell different? I’m sure they would have told their doggy friends how they had been to Canada….  maybe we’ll go later.

My seafaring dog

My route went more or less from Gig Harbor to Sequim then back to Port Townsend where I spent the night at the marina–great place for walking–I liked it there. Sparkley…next time would enjoy actually going inside the museums and  halls. The next day we jumped on the ferry although I was told I needed a reservation there appeared to be plenty of space. I felt special driving my rig onto place with the others. Cost $22.50. The dogs were allowed to explore with me so we tried out the Titanic thing on the bow… I told Mason not to look down; as long as he didn’t know it was water we were crossing he was happy; Olympia, of course could feel the water in her bones; she was home.

Part of Anacortes from above

Anacortes smokestacks

The other view looking from the harbor at Anacortes - smoke stacks

Stayed in a nondescript RV park in Oak Harbor on Whiddbey Island, nice and quiet…. walked across the street to the State Park. Next day checked out Anacortes. I didn’t reach Fran’s cousin Johnny…I think that’s where he lives. Headed from there to Bellingham where I thought my friend lived…. it was a bit late so I decided to try her the next day and being tired I kept driving. Okay, so that doesn’t make a lot of sense, but I was already badly missing the ocean. Before I knew it, I’d rejected several other stopping areas for the night, I was in one of the last spaces at  The Beachside RV Parkin Birch Bay near Blaine where the border is. The icy cold sea air agrees with me. The dogs and I walked for 2 hours relishing the long summer days.

Birch Bay in the morning

You see, why I’ll never get caught up, I keep moving. I could have spent a few days in Gig Harbor or Port Townsend or at Birch Bay… i could have spread out and unpacked a little, laid on the beach, opened my watercolors and dipped in my paint brush, could have read a book listening to the seabirds or chatted with my neighbors, but no, I had to keep moving on. I’m only staying a day, I kept telling the RV hostess when they check me in, a late arrival and an early exiter. Why? I’m not sure. I feel driven, as if there’s a goal, no, not a goal, as if there’s someplace I need to be.

Birch Bay... lovely... not many people when I was there

Washington weeds! Delicious 🙂

I don’t relax well, or at all. I just keep moving.

Kate and George in front of their home in Bellevue WA

I realized my mistake about where my childhood friend lived as I rushed back to Bellingham to find her address was NOT FOUND by my GPS….  Oops…  I had the wrong city. This meant I had to make a choice about visiting the president of the Lagotto Club who lived in Ferndale, very near my location at the time. I tried to reach her over several days but had been unsuccessful. I knew I had to try harder…I thought she was at home….  but then again how likely was that given all the dog activities available in the summer? I hope she will forgive me for not trying harder to reach her. I’m sure we will meet  some day. It was a long drive on I-5 back to Bellevue where my friend lived….and I was tired. It probably takes longer than 3 weeks to adapt to a different lifestyle. My days are very full, I’m doing something from the moment I wake up, usually around 7 am until midnight or later…soon I will have to catch up on my sleep!  It was wonderful to see Kate. Yes, Cathy I will post more about our visit…  but for now it was just great to see her and meet George, Patrick, Mocha, the cat and the new all-electric Nissan Leaf. She found me on the Internet after we lost touch some 30 years ago.  Also connected with a relative that I’d only recently learned about in Seattle…had a wonderful visit with him and his wife.

My (new) Cousin Paul on my paternal side

Nothing profound in this post….  just where I’ve been….  more insights and thoughts about traveling, connections, dogs, etc later…later after I get some sleep!!!!!….  It’s 11:52 PM!!!

I seem to be drawn to water

My first stay in Washington didn’t exactly thrill me, I landed at Twin Harbors State Park, it was late afternoon on a Fri night so I was happy to have a spot, but I was next to the highway with no special view other than some weedy looking shrubby trees so I drove around hoping for something scenic, there wasn’t much…. lots of beaches with folks driving onto the sand in their cars. I ordered a fish and chips dinner at the Westport Marina, I noted that dogs were not allowed on the patio so took it to go and ate in the van…the dogs got most of it, as the food was mediocre at best, but expensive $18!!!!  They claimed it’d won a favorite award as being the best in the area, oh my! The bathroom stank and was filthy, same with the campground which had only 2 toilet stalls and one token devouring shower for our section. The shower cheats no matter how many tokens you put in….  However, if you’re a fisherman /woman this is the place to go! My Mom said Gray’s Harbor is where we went deep-sea fishing as a family on a trip to Alaska back in the ’60s; we all caught over our limit and a nice man traded us one of his miniature  poodles, Sammy, for the fish. Sammy is the reason I have Water Dogs today, he’s the first dog I trained, leaving me forever in love with Water Dogs….Portuguese Water Dogs and now Lagotti, someday a Barbet.

The State Capital

After that special welcome to Washington I headed to Olympia, I’d heard it was a nice place to live. I enjoyed the spacious wooded parks and a nice dog park, the architecture and sights of the Capital… These kids tell the problem… POLLUTION. There are signs warning that contact with the water and even the sand is hazardous.

Pollution at the park

From Olympia I intended to head to the little dotted scenic section on my AAA map (the 101 on the East side of Olympic National Park.) Something odd happened, I became tired of trees! I don’t know why this happened but as I approached the cutoff for the 106 to Kitsap I knew I had to take it. It was gorgeous! I sooo wanted to stop and stay, to tarry, to live forever in the mix of freshwater wetlands, tidal salt marsh forests on the Hood Canal. Estuaries, since I first learned of their existence when I was a young student at Pierce College in Los Angeles and then at Sacramento State in their newly created environmental studies department have held my awe and rapture and here, was the finest experience with nowhere to stop….  actually I drove passed what was the only way point–a nature reserve–worried about the time and, where I would find “camping” for the night…  alas….  I was sure there’d be another but there wasn’t. My eyes drank in the rapture.

I continued backwards (i.e. South) to Gig Harbor. I love this place. Off road bike paths, nature parks, organic gardens, vibrant waterfront, theater and arts.  I spotted a house in The Lake of the Woods….  took me four tries up and down the hwy to find the turn… for sale by owner…. I haven’t called…maybe…maybe. What is it like there in Winter? When the tourist go home? It was warm and sunny the day I was there. ……………

The sunlight dancing

Okay, I’m writing this in a hurry ’cause I’m super tired and determined to make it to sleep before midnight….  So that’s it for now…….