Previously I paid for a mobile hot spot connection from my Verizon cell phone service which allows me to post to my blog while traveling. I did not do so this time as Verizon has manged to increase my grandfathered unlimited plan by  $33 a month. They claim this is only a $20 increase, the other fees and taxes seem to not register with Verizon as an increase, that is as long as you pay them. There was no reason given for the increase they just did it. I’ve also had trouble with them arbitrarily cancelling services like text and then charging me a per text charge and major overcharges last year when I went to Canada which still have not been adjusted …   all in all I am Leary of adding charges like mobile hotspot so thought I could do without the extra $40 but next time I will look into other options. Free wifi seems to be tricky and or non functional more often than not.


So another brief post. Lee asked if I knew about Trindad. Oh yes I do! I’ve camped several times in the Emerald Forest Campground which is very close to the beach in Trindad there is a rest stop a little further up for those watching their budget.  I noticed one change and/or perhaps it was not enforced on prior visits; dogs are now only allowed on the RV sites, not the camping / dry camping sites, but that was no problem. It’s full of redwoods and a perfect location.

The Redwoods2

Mason takes a look around our campground, does he remember being here before?


Trinidad, CA in Humbolt County. Rocky bluffs overlook a busy moorage.


The Beach!


This trail to another beach was directly across the road from our campground. Spruce, redwoods, ferns and Lagotti!


My RV parked at the beach. We’d gone for a hike.

Trindad Beach

Another shot (posted another awhile back) of the dogs first romp of our trip on the beach at Trindad. Wasn’t sure if there was a leash rule so they kept their leashes close, just in case.

Beach Plants

Beach Plants, I always enjoy how flowers and plants grow in sunning variety almost anywhere. While tolerant of change close inspection indicates health and adaptation on a much larger scale.

Beach Plants 2


Case in point, this beautiful little pond further up the coast is polluted.

Case in point, this beautiful little pond further up the coast is polluted.

The Pond

It looks healthy but it’s not.

Bad Pond, Good Dog!

Bad Pond, Good Dog!


These first few days were about learning and adjustment. Jackson became seasick, well carsick, once we hit the mountain pass and the RV started to twist and turn. Add to that the rather bizarre steering capacity of the LT. . i.e wild and erratic drifting, heavy wind and nasty little strips on the road that make a rumbling loud vibration and poor Jackson definitely wanted to not get back into the van. …  and did I mention both Jackson and I drank some bad water and were sick to our stomachs. Ah yes, one woman traveling with 3 dogs!

And trying to take pictures while handling 3 tangled leashes…  my poor camera was badly neglected in favor of my phone.