Coffee and light breakfast off the I-90 heading East

Granite Falls was as far north as I traveled. The Olympic Peninsula is a favored locale but I sought the not so much known way, heading for the I-90. Before the turn east I stopped to visit another Lagotto friend, Jan Danielson. I had not met her in person nor her dogs.  She’s planted truffle inoculated Hazelnut trees in her yard! How cool is that! I know of one person who reportedly attempted to cultivate truffles where I live, they quit the effort. I have not spoken to them to hear the story; will they or will they not grow here or wild in the Las Padres forest? In Oregon and Washington they can be found wild and cultivated. In time, when it’s the right, my dogs and I will head to OR and WA during (actual) truffle season and have some of these great people and their dogs teach us how it’s done.

Vasa Park…  the neighbors who were interested in my dogs left super early that morning for a medical appointment. Doesn’t look tight now that they were gone and the other neighbor was not hanging out playing cards outside their rented rig, but it was a tight squeeze to get my little van in that spot. As far as I could pull up I could not reach the power box so had to use my extra power cord and adaptor; so glad I had it along. (No, backing in would not have worked either although sometimes I can twist the power cord under the van and reach the outlet on the other side. ) 

I camped for the first time on this road trip at a commercial park; by day it was open to anyone who paid the entrance fee being situated on a small lake with a children’s playground. Dogs were not permitted for day users. Dogs were permitted to overnight “campers.” RV’ers  park like this to be legal, receiving hookups (water, power, sewer, cable for your TV (if you want it,) wi-fi, often some outdoor furniture, a bathhouse, sometimes a swimming pool and spa, a game room, laundry room, dog play-exercise area, sometimes nice and interesting walking trails, sometimes group activities, happy hour, arts and crafts or tours, bicycle rentals, kayaks, a library, can even be meals provided and brought to your rig . . . all depends. Some are no more than an ugly squeezed in parking lot, others are glorious. This “campground” had a terrible identity confusion…  really needed to have some therapy on who it wanted to be …  Dogs allowed? Dogs not allowed? Big signs saying no dogs, yet dogs all over, even the proprietors had dogs. Not OK to walk dogs on the beach or in the park even after the day use was closed. Why? Because the day use people could not have dogs even though the day use visitors were required to leave at night and as noted there were dogs a plenty. Instead it was required to take your dog across the heavily congested road to an open field where they could run and play on or off leash. Dangerous scary cursing as you try to get across, crossing with no signal.  Do such owners stay up all night dreaming up this stuff? Can you imagine the planning discussions?  Arguments? Debates?

My neighbor (for the night) when they showed up back to their trailer jumped out of their car…  Oh, I LOVE your Lagotto Romagnolo’s!!!!  Say what? Hardly anyone knows this breed. Guesses range from them being certain that it’s a Doodle to a Poodle, a Bedlington Terrier, a Wheaten Terrier, a Bichon and some really odd guesses even once a Sheepdog. I’ve even been asked after explaining that no, these are not crossbreeds but purebred esp to the doodle People. . .  (they give a funny look first as they try to take this in) ‘Okay, what was mixed with a poodle then to get these fancy Lagotto mixes then?’ Or. ‘is this a poodle mixed with a Lagotto?’ Choke! No, you fool, purebred! All these hypnotized crossbred aficionados have no idea what they have.  Yes my breed is special and it’s a real breed with honed instincts, personality, character with developed type and conformation. An Italian dog. And then there’s Mr Mason. Everyone says he’s part Corgi, they call him the Yoda dog. A Chi-Terrier something mix for sure, Mr. Lovebug.

Kate playing with my gang in the park, she snapped some photos of them all. Good to see her.

Short visit with a high-school friend, Kate Johnson in the morning at a local park near her home. Found out that white fluffy, not so fluffy when it started piling in huge drifts and getting clammy sticky when wet stuff. . .yep, it was raining …that fluff at first so lovely but now annoying is residual remaining after the pollen from the Cottonwood (Poplar) Tree.

Litter blowing off the Cottonwood tree.