Jamie and the Dogs

To do list:

  1. Insulation for the floor from the heat (and later from the cold)
  2. Fix all loose and broken cabinet and door hinges, latches, etc
  3. Replace or repair rear side window crank
  4. Replace and repair privacy door sliders
  5. Solve leakage problem with fresh water hose / water regulator and make attachment easier
  6. Adjust or replace sewer hose for ease of operation and simplicity
  7. Purchase and install solar shades on all windows. . . will be backup light blockers behind the current window shades
  8. Seal gaps around rear cabin air conditioner
  9. Fabricate removable bed for front captain chairs
  10. Add padding to dogs view platform
  11. Purchase drill and other hardware as needed including tire gauge and voltage tester
  12. Take to RV shop for replacement of outside molding strip
  13. Oil change and check-up servicing
  14. Have heater hoses checked for leakage
  15. Take front curtains to dry cleaner
  16. Remove items not found useful–sort, clean and repack
  17. Test new 20amp fuse re refrigerator problem
  18. Think about updating radio to Bluetooth for GPS, cell phone, etc.. for ease of use
  19. Purchase better campground directory & boondock guide
  20. Add a Lagotto decal to van