Am seeking a newer Class B, B+ motorhome on the Diesel Sprinter although I’ve become interested in the Dodge Promaster especially as it may come closer to fulfilling my wish list. (not explored yet is Ford Transit which is soon to be available.)  My preference is for a short body…  20 to 22 or 23 feet but as you will see I’ve liked rigs that are almost 25 feet. I hadn’t seen myself as the towing type so the shorter the better for getting in and out of tight spaces and parking lots; however lately there are more and more restrictions for parking RVs (even small ones) in places like parks, coastal access or downtowns, so ultimately I may have to tow or become super incognito. For the moment I’m envisioning a nice bike, electric maybe, with a doggy cart and a basket for groceries. Of course a car for carting dogs is more secure as they can be safely locked inside when I’m shopping or sightseeing if the weather is right.

If I do get a car to tow, all wheels down, which is called a dingy or a TOAD, I’d like a vehicle with an opening sunroof to allow a fan for ventilation.  Envisioning future travels as one woman and 4 dogs is  daunting, maybe they won’t all come with on any given trip.  It’s a lot of future to plan.


My Wish List  

  1. Affordable
  2. Useable Shower
  3. Stealth  and boondocking capable: which includes the smaller body for “parkablity” and plenty of batteries, my dream includes an on-demand water heater, solar and other “independence” features.
  4. Room for 4 dogs.
  5. Easy (comfortable) handling for short and long distance, windy high mountains, strong winds, all kinds of weather and dirt roads.
  6. Clean and neat; I’d prefer a unit devoid of unnecessary clutter and built of better materials (i.e. no particle board or flimsy insulation.)
  7. I’d really like it if on occasion a second sleeping area could be devised.
  8. And it’s be super to have a “lounge” type design in which the front becomes a usable area for computer work, eating, reading, etc.

I’m not including standard features like efficient plumbing,  awning (which I don’t have currently and would love,) LED lights,  powerful air conditioner, quiet generator, plenty of storage, water filter, comfortable bed, nice stereo, swivel seats, superior insulation, and so forth only the things for which I’m especially using as selectors.

This leaves me a wide selection as I’m including used rigs to satisfy #1 on my wish list.  I’ve ruled out the current and past Dodge, Chey and Ford Van platforms due to their poor gas mileage. It can be argued that the greater purchase price negates the fuel expense, but I don’t like stopping for gas. I’d prefer more miles per gallon even if an illusion I’d be happier not seeing the bigger hit ringing round the pump, like a big loss on a slot machine every time I decided to explore what’s around over that hill or down a lonesome byway. Also, honestly I want something different than what I already have, not just a newer version of the same.  I’d love one of the new and upcoming 4×4 Sprinters but #1 on the list is very important!

One last note, yes, I’ve considered Class C’s truck campers, small Class A’s and even a trailer but, a small footprint and #5 ease of driving on all surfaces including parking and maneuverability in city centers keeps me riveted on the smaller Class B’s. Small is Beautiful


Here is my list of favorite contenders all Sprinters’ unless otherwise noted.) Later I may have comments about best years of the Sprinter and the engine size and other improvements and modifications etc… for now I’m thinking anything 2008 and over could work, 2013 being a prime target. Every year they add something so it can get confusing.

  1. The New Zion Roadtrek on the Promaster … I like the size of this but haven’t seen one, they’re new but cost a lot less than the Sprinters.
  2. Leisure Travel Free Spirit.. I don’t like the bathroom placement right behind the drivers seat, I prefer on open front lounge type arrangement. I do like the quality.
  3.  Leisure Travel Unity or Serenity … not sure if I want this long, but lots of comfort and room for everything!
  4. Airstream Grand Touring … very expensive but beautiful.
  5. Airstream Interstate … very tight aisle.
  6. Pleasure Way Front Lounge or Twin Bed … I don’t like the bathroom sink arrangement it’s impossible to stand in the bathroom so that would have to be modified, also I don’t understand why an upscale motorhome like this does not come with day/night shades rather than the curtains…  it would be another add-on. On some models the overhead cabinets are sure to knock more than a few bruises over the kitchen counter..  this is not true on some models but is on others, and the new one I test drove had a terribly uncomfortable front passengers seat.
  7. Great West Legend… on the non-extended Sprinter … hard to find these, I haven’t seen on in 2 years so if I found one would likley need to purchase from far away.
  8. Advanced RV … these are only on the 24′ so far and I really prefer the 20 to 23 feet for ease of parking but I love what this company is offering in specialty designs working the client.
  9. Roadtrek Agile or Adventurous, maybe the E-trek, I’m not thrilled with the interior workmanship of the Roadtrek so would lean towards newer.
  10. Outside Van … design your own option that looks very intriguing and beautiful but doesn’t satisfy wish #1, alas.
  11. …..  others that might be on this list before I find the right one!
  12. Keeping what I have with modifications

Up Next Time …. how I will make my decision