Terrace, BS to Prince Rupert is 143 km, is this the best scenery in the world? Certainly on the list for icy mountains and fun driving. I only took a few photos, the vistas are burned into memory.





It was at Prince Rupert that I locked in my very difficult decision to cancel the Ferry. I haven’t heard yet if I will get any refund. It was not an easy decision and it broke my heart. This trip as planned entailed 8 to 9,000 miles in 5 or 6 weeks time. More time would have been better, if I did it again I’d take the Ferry at Bellingham and Ferry hop then rent an RV and maybe fly home, there are long driving distances in Alaska as well as across Canada. I wouldn’t mind doing another trip to Canada and if I did for some reason drive part of the Alcan again, I’d want to do it all.

I turned around on the same day and headed back on this stunning road, I was trying to be “brave” but I could tell I was sobbing. It was something I couldn’t control. I sobbed for 12 hours and then I couldn’t eat for days.

As much as I wanted to see Alaska, this trip was symbolic, I’d hoped for a renewal of life as there has been so much death and loss in the last 7 or 8 years. I’d hoped for a new sense of direction, I’d hoped my dead loves would be proud of me. Instead I have other challenges, life will provide a different direction, I had… I have other things to learn.

Joyfully Sharing the Merit

It’s unclear to me if we have ever lived before or will ever live again, but I leave open the possibility with the understanding that we are here now and responsible for all we do. I do love this song.