Mason is my rescue dog.We don’t know who rescued who since we were both struggling with loss. I’d lost my beloved Portuguese Water dog, Hero and he’d lost his person and his home.


At the shelter he was adopted and returned, picked on by the other dogs, rushed off for emergency vet treatment for a bad stomach and he was so terrified of loud noises and storms he had to spend long nights alone in the quarantine room. They called him an old dog since he held his head an inch from the ground with a worried look on his face but he was barely 5 years old.

After four months of daily visits in which I tried not to show him favoritism but always did, I finally took him home! The day I told him his entire demeanor changed, I saw him smile in joy for the first time. At DAWG he would only eat biscuits and would often refuse to walk with the volunteers. Turned out he was terrified of leashes, men, trucks, buses, storms, big dogs, and he was a resource guarder and would bolt full speed from the front door running without thinking….very dangerous!

Mason in the park
His mix includes Terrier and Corgi, he’s a sensitive worrier and what he needed was affection and confidence building. Before I knew it I was training to be a dog trainer…. now Mason is a lovebug. He’s earned his canine good citizenship and works as a Paws to Read dog where children with reading difficulties read to him. He’s an honorary member of Channel City Kennel Club for purebred dogs and has passed his first odor recognition test for K9 Nose Work. Currently he’s hard at work learning agility and obedience rally. At 6 years old he has boundless energy, does a running recall, chases his tail to make me laugh, sits on laps, guards the house and is an excellent gopher hunter. He has the heart of ten dogs and frequently reminds me that miracles happen and you can find a new life with everything you always dreamed.

Olympia is my darling Lagotto Romagnolo. At 15 months she’s already won her UKC championship and like Mason she adores K9 Nose Work and agility and is working on obedience and rally.


She loves to get wet…  running in the rain, splashing in a pool, chasing a hose or best of all a nice messy pile of mud! Add a nice bouncy ball, a stick or even a leaf or a pine cone to chase and she’s in heaven. . . happy and sweet. . . . she says life is a perfect adventure.

Olympia I searched for Olympia for over a year, here she is at 8 weeks old at her breeder Ute Ruoff in Germany –  She’s a dog with a passport but this will be her first time camping.

UPDATE 2015: I now have 4 traveling dogs: I bred my Darling Olympia to a perfect stud and 2 of her kids now live with us: Flying Curls Jackson and Flying Curls Jeana.

the three