What, can’t take my dogs on a 2000 mile walk, darn or does this mean off leash only (ha-ha)
100 species of native trees found in the Smokies!
Tons of Traffic in the Great Smoky Mountains but totally worth it. Jammed with butterflies in migration, wild horses, wildflowers in bloom, black bears, amazing trees, birds, elk, coyote, white tailed deer, waterfalls.
The Great Smoky Mountains
Southern Cooking… cheap, easy & delicious
Heading towards Hayesville North Carolina… wound up on an motorcycle road. I had to laugh, it was easy driving compared to others I’ve been on. They had those photo stations set up for the bikers, I saw them take my picture as I wondered what they thought of a middle aged solo woman cheerfully driving her old camper van on the skyway.
This campground looks so nice and calm. Very early in the morning 5 strikes of intense lightening hit directly above, all I could do was huddle the dogs under the blankets as I kept counting the hits. the dogs were shaking hard. At least (this time) my van was (amazingly) not stuck. After the scare everyone in the campground came out of their vehicles and started their day playing in the water.
Visiting a Friend
More yummy Southern food. Visiting, delicious eating and socialization is good in North Carolina. People kept asking me why in the world I lived in California.

A Brief Tour of Memphis

Tom Sawyer RV Park on the Mississippi River.  The park is large, this is just a piece of it, I’m parked out there with the big guys.

New Friends! They have a 2001 Great West on the same Dodge 3500 van.  I also spotted another same-vintage Dodge Leisure Travel and a Roadtrek in the campground. A potentially damaging storm is on the way so we are all deciding what to do and which way to go. The storm is predicted to hit Little Rock the hardest. My new friends decided to alter their plans about staying there the next night and instead head a little north.  This campground could become very muddy and mucky as it’s surrounded by the river.  Very much enjoyed the campground, it’s quiet with lots of walking and river vistas, I asked for the most scenic spot they had left and was given a space way out on the spit. I arrived early, before noon without a reservation, they were soon completely filled. I think it was fairly hot.

Memphis Riverfront:  Beautiful views, sculptures,  city and river overviews, great walking with the dogs.

Met another traveler here with a 1997 LTV! Almost twins 🙂

Driving Around… lots to see. Memphis is a huge city with lots of differing districts. Birthplace of the blues, soul and rock n’roll.

Beale Street Entertainment District… so quiet in the early morning!

Yep, Elvis is afoot!

ELVIS LIVES! Tours can be costly with parking an additional $10. Was not thrilled to find no shade or air-conditioned kennels in the paid parking area. I elected not to do the tour mostly as I felt it was too hot and humid to leave the dogs.  It would be probably be fun esp since I was there; however the cheap tour likley not so much, you’d probably want to do the Elvis Entourage VIP + Airplane Tour, but that’s nearly $100; maybe you could do the Elvis Experience Tour for $62 they sure have a slew of choices.  The generator on my rig is not working, but even so the lack of  shade was a deterrent….  there were a few spots with shade but they were filled.  The day was unseasonably hot. Walked all around the outer buildings, gift shops, soda fountains, candy store, etc.


Lots of people love this place. Just be prepared with plenty of cash.

I spent 2 nights in Memphis, nowhere near enough time to take in the music and art scene. Wound up crossing all over town taking care of errands, seeing a few museums and taking care of some simple repairs. Second night I spent at the State Park on storm watch! As the humidity and temperature increased so did my worry!

A pretty little lake park. almost no one was here. Hot storm slowly moving in.




Olympia and the Pups, 3 1/2 days old

Olympia and the Pups, 3 1/2 days old

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